Sunday, July 20, 2014


Inspiration comes in the most unlikely places.

From here, a reminder to seek your own art, not what others want from you. A snippet:

"It is an art - painting our truth, or what may not be 'popular'.  There are so many ways to stray from our own personal voice."- Jeane Myers

I suggest you read the full text. It's well written. 

This concept is particularly poignant for me right now. I recently tried to participate in an open call for artist's work. I was told my art is too 'artsy-fartsy'. An intriguing title for my style, and one I'm still not sure I'm comfortable with (I'd already drawn this cat for it, so I named it the 'Artsy-Fartsy Cat').

But I prefer to look on the bright side. It's good to be reminded that we don't need to please others to make work we love. That perhaps the work we love won't please others, and that's ok. And it doesn't make the other person cruel or wrong. They simply don't like it. 

And that's alright.

Easier said than done sometimes.

Of course, on the heels of the dismal email explaining my lack of professional, polished style came a fresh Etsy purchase (including the cat!) which has buoyed my spirits. I try not to let sales dictate how good I feel, but it was definitely a welcome plus to my day. 

In related news, I did recently receive a lovely new spread of Andrea Lauren's fabric from her cosmic voyage entry to one of the recent Spoonflower contests. 

Isn't it lovely!? Definitely inspiring.

You can buy your own swath of it here. I'm very excited to make something with it but have no plans just yet. 

I hope you're all finding inspiration somewhere, in something new, and learning to let yourself do the art you love, the stuff that comes from inside.