Sunday, June 8, 2014

Star Cloth, a collaborative experiment in fabric design

I had an idea, inspired by various sources around the net, including Spirit Cloth and... I'm not quite sure. Perhaps Seth Apter, who is always inviting people to join him in his projects. Or that lovely mail project Meet Me At Mike's did a few years ago. Anyway.

I'd like to create a fabric at Spoonflower full of stars. I love stars. Star prints, star mugs, star things. I always have. And while it would be a challenge and fun to design my own star print fabric, how much more fun if it's collaborative? I miss theatre sometimes, and a lot of what I miss is the collaboration...

Would you like to help me design a starry sky full of individual, unique stars?

I'm going to spend a while (so far indeterminate) collecting stars. I'll take them by mail, by email, by flickr, by instagram by train or in a box or with a fox. The catch is I want them to be drawn by YOU. Yes even you, who say you can't draw. I don't care, draw me a star.

Draw me a star.

Sample star (of a very simplistic design, not meant to impose rules on you of course) 
next to a lovely merman card from this sumptuous deck by John Littleboy.

(Or you know, embroider a star, or paint it, or arrange sticks or something and take a photo, I'm not picky). And one day, I'll create a design for Spoonflower that anyone can buy (even you!) that has ALL the stars. A field of stars, as unique as each and every one of us.

Doesn't that sound nice? To surround yourself with stars from the hands of a multitude? The creative talents of people from (potentially) all over the world?

I was thinking of putting limits on it, but really I think the only limits should be that it has to be a star, and that it has to be made by YOU. You could add your name, or your initials, or your town or whatever you like to it. Or nothing. It could just be the star, all on its own.

I think it just sounds beautiful. A sky full of stars.

Help me build the night sky.

I feel good about it. I think we should do it.

What do you think? Want to help? Send me your stars.

Love and Hugs

OH! And just because things are always more fun when there are gifts involved, at the end of it all I'll draw one name from all the participants and send them something lovely to do with the project. Something starry and delicious. A surprise. Who doesn't like surprises?


Synopsis for those who like them/official rules blah blah
1. It has to be made by you
2. You really want more limits? Well... ideally I'd like if they were smaller than a playing card and in a decent enough resolution that it won't go all pixely when I have it printed. 150 dpi or more would be lovely.
3. Email me if you'd like my snail mail address to send me physical art, otherwise just email me the art or a link to where you have the art, instagram or whatever and I'll keep you posted here/contact you when the design is available for sale
4. It'd be nice if it was on a plain white background, but if you're really feeling the need to do something different and out of the box, who am I to judge? Go for it!
5. Should there be more rules here? I don't think we really need more.
6. Okay fine when it's all said and done the plan is to make a 36" x 54" design that is a very lovely size for say a picnic blanket or a quilt or something. Why that size? Because it's a good size.
8. You skipped rule 7.

PS fineprint nonsense: Blah blah blah if you submit a star to me you are giving me the right to post it to Spoonflower (which is a really groovy fabric/wallpaper/decal print on demand design company) and considering it's going to be a lot of work taking them all and arranging them in photoshop and hopefully I'm getting LOTS of stars I can't afford to share the commission (if any) I receive, but you'll be free to order it as wallpaper or gift wrap or something nice and silky to make into a quilt or picnic blanket or scarf and won't that just be lovely? Also once it's out there there's potential for other people to use it in their own work, but instead of seeing that as bad I think it's awesome. So what if someone makes baby swaddles and sells them at the craft market, to me that's just MORE awesome. How cool if someone else loved it enough to make something from it?


Seth said...

Count me in!

Rosemoo said...

Wonderful! :D

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I will put on my thinking cap and see what I come up with. I didn't see a time limit, so I hope we have a few weeks at least.

Rosemoo said...

Thanks B & E! I'd love to see it! I'm definitely keeping this open for at least a month, probably longer, and I'll be posting back here before I close it! :D