Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Doodling, Arting, Healing

I've been on an art rampage lately. Making stuff left to right. I have my star project ongoing, and there's the little denim book (detailed so far on my instagram). I'm about to get my first swatches back from Spoonflower, which is very exciting, and I'm thinking about designing a carmat for all the toddlers that are suddenly surrounding my friends and family!

Some new fun things in my Etsy shop!

A sketch for a car playmat with room for boats and trains. Currently going with the concept of all buildings inspired by 1980's horror and science fiction movies.

I'm excited about all the art I'm making, and I'm having a lot of fun instagramming and reading blogs and doing online things. We're almost into full fledged summer but I'm still feeling Sprung from Spring.

What about you? What has Spring brought into your life? Any new projects to report?

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Introverted Art said...

I love your creative spark. Your creative juice makes for a feast for the eyes :)