Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Toilets in Ossining

I dunno maybe a month ago
on my drive to work
I saw two toilets
sorta facing each other
one like... a sickly greenish yellow
and one a horrifying chalky pink
and they... really spoke to me

I dunno why

just sitting by the side of the road
sorta tete-a-tete
out for garbage

and then I forgot about it
and every day I'd see them
for a week
and forget as soon as I drove past

after a few days one was knocked down
and a little broken
and that was sad
and then a little later they were gone

and I thought 'I wish i'd taken their photo that first day'


and then just recently
I looked closer at the house
and realized they had never gotten picked up
just pushed back down the driveway against the house
both knocked over


just laying there

and for some reason it feels... like a sad story
but I don't' know why

I keep thinking maybe i'll draw them
and paint the awful colors
as like... a remembrance

I mean someone picked them out
a long time ago
specifically because they wanted those colors, I mean
it's a CHOICE to get those sort of toilets
and then... one day.... just discarded
and then without even the dignity of getting carted away proper
just pushed to the side and left

It tugs my heartstrings in a strange way
I can't explain it.

I've always attributed personalities and emotions to objects
I guess it's just... an old childhood habit

So when people just throw things away sometimes I feel sad for them.

The things.

 I originally sent this strange prose/poetry out to a select friends and family in late March, and my friend Heather Stoll wrote this back to me. It feels like a companion piece, and she gave me permission to post it here. Read below.

Grammy had a bathroom
off the master bedroom
pink tiles
pink towels
pink rug
pink sink
pink toilet
it may even have
smelled a little like rosewater

When I slept over Grammy’s sometimes
she would draw me a pink bubble bath that smelled of roses and she always said draw instead of run
The rooms in Grammy’s house were all one color and there was a yellow bathroom that Grammy said was in the other wing
Auntie Helen used, who was Grammy’s sister and lived in Neewe Yalk City but for summers 
I still think the pink one was the best

The bank came and took the house
A funny turn of phrase as the house still stands
Grammy moved to a rental house and then another and still yet another
Maybe twenty five years have passed since then

Two pots side by side, one pink one yellow speak to me
Like two old Irish twin sisters, born a year apart
Who grew to be old ladies
They whisper secrets from long ago
Husbands long gone
Children grown or never had
Bickering like girls sometimes
90 years of lives entwined
I like that they were forgotten by the house where they hide
Like the two little girls they once were

I like that she took what felt sad to me, and transformed it into a happy story. Funny how something as simple as two abandoned toilets could bring such stories to life.
Thank you Heather.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I love both poems, and esp. the first one--not sad at all. Like you were thinking my thoughts. : )

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Dawn! :D