Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Blog Cleaning

OMG you guys. I just realized I have a BUNCH of loose ends from the life of this blog.

Here is my spring cleaning checklist to get us all up to speed. Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Logo projects: Dendo, still under way, Stitching N Junk, finished.

New Music Video is once again on hold. I got too ambitious and need to rein it in again. I promise myself I will make another Eelwax Video soon. In the meantime, here's another link to the old one.

Battlestar Galactica. We're on the last season. I'm still loving it. Soon we will finish it and move on.

Kakapo. I stalled out on the face. Hopefully will finish it soon because the rest of the body is totally done.

Mr. Mustard. I finished him but never really posted pictures. As of this posting he is available here.

That hat is probably my favorite creation from this year so far.

Secret Project from the end of 2009. It was the famous Sock Puppet Project from FDA. Here are some photos from it.

This project was super fun. I got to make a sock puppet of almost everyone at Adams work. Super silly and fun. They made a movie with them as a going-away present to a very special someone. Not sure if it's online anywhere. That last one is the Adam puppet. And yes, he's wearing a puppet version of this shirt in orange.

Moonling. I never showed you guys a photo but here she is right now. Not sure what to do with her.

More Fun Things I learned in Props Land posts. I will get to them. I need to do them sooner than later before I forget some of them. I have some nuggets of awesome wisdom in my brain.

Frog Planter. He's still out on the porch, taunting me.

Brachiosaurus. Here he is so far. I just need to do one more patch and give him some eyes.

The lovely gifts from Arlee. Still on hold. Love them and working out the best way to do something with them still.

Robin Goddess Creature. Her wire backing was weak so I pulled her off her base and need to finish her...

Herne. On possibly full permanent unfinished status. Shell House. The same. Although poor Pippi really wants a house so maybe I should finish that.

Word Verification Project
. Still trying to figure out what to do with all these faux words.

Petri Dish is still going. I will make the fade through movie when it's done. Here is the current status.

Whew! That's a lot of catch up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heart Strings

Feeling meditative and peaceful this evening.

I drew this shortly after getting home. I saw some windows in the background of a movie I was watching and it inspired me. I love making these coloring pages. I put a link to the pdf on my website. Click here to get it.

Inspired by a new blog 'Spirit Cloth' I'm following, thanks to my friend Karin, I did some weaving this evening.

I don't really have any experience other than those oven mitts you make out of stretchy things in middle school, but it was relaxing to do. I haven't stitched it all together yet so a lot of the edges are loose.

While I was working on that, I was listening to a 70's/80's rock music radio station, and something caught my eye on my studio table. Oh look, the backs of my crazy quilt squares. Apparently sometimes the back is just as intriguing as the front...

A lot of things tugging on my heart strings lately. These strings on the quilt pieces remind me of that.

Click any of these to embiggen.

I'm definitely feeling this blues and whites sort of color palette right now. I need to follow that.

And friend Stepanie stopped by again, and we have a person for scale on Rayna. She's 9 months now!

Remember when she was just a tiny baby? :D I know I do.


Repotting plants and crazy quilt

This weekend we repotted all the plants.

This is Planty. Planty was our first plant. When we got him I think he was around 10" tall. If he lived, we decided we could handle a puppy. Now we have one! :D

We're trying out a Cycad.

I took a bit of moss from the back and I'm seeing if I can keep it alive. I doubt it.

I'm on the purple square now. Three more to go after this one.

loves you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Warrior....Sorta

This weekend we got SO MUCH done. I can barely believe it.

Highlights included:

Making a questionable but very interesting looking mint brownie (Questionable because it was too minty).

Going hiking with the puppy at a new place and seeing pretty birds and little bits of marble rocks.

Working on my crazy quilt some more. The orange patch is done. Now the green patch needs more embroidery.

Making a fun little birthday present for my neighbor.

And, inspired by Kitlane, I did a submission to Toefluff.

Woot. Off to a bookfair now!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

A visit to Lost at Sea, Gallery Hanahou

I don't usually do adventure stories, but on Thursday night I got to see my lovely friend Kendra for the first time in months and we did a fun art thing together.

We went to see the opening of a lovely art show curated by Kristen Rask
(of Schmancy and Plush You fame) called Lost at Sea, over at Gallery Hanahou.

From their site:

' "Lost at Sea" gathers 33 exciting artists who share underwater visions of items lost, creatures forgotten, and life that struggles to stay with us. The show will feature a broad array of amusing and uncanny works in embroidery, plush, and other materials, including new pieces by Hine Mizushima, Jill Bliss, and Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. '

It is a must see, and is open until June 11th just off of Broadway and Houston.

Sadly we went late and so missed meeting Nicole (Astulabee). And I don't have a great memory for all the faces that go with the art (although I recognized a lot of the artists from flickr and Mr X Stitch) so if anyone else I know online was there, I didn't know it.

I didn't take any photos even though I brought my camera, but I wanted to share my favorites of the evening, so here they are from flickr (with permission!). The title is their store name and a link to their etsy shop. Their name takes you to their website and at the end of the post you will find a link to their blog.

Here are my six favorite pieces. The first one was my super favorite, the rest were all around excellent.

Miniature Rhino

This was a new artist to me, or so I thought. I'd actually seen her little 'cabinet of curiosities' ages ago and loved them. I somehow missed her stitching. Her name is Jessica Marquez. This one was my personal 'best in show'.

'How Many Nights?'

You can actually see how this piece rotates if you click here. If I had a bigger pocketbook I think I would have tried to buy it on the spot.

Jessica Marquez Blog

Lou Lou & Oscar

One of my first internet art crushes. I had never seen Lisa Aaron's work in person, so it was really fabulous to see 3 of her pieces up close. (Especially since she lives in Scotland). My favorite was the embroidered handkerchief.

'Lost at Sea with you'

I love her softies but her embroidery really blew me away. Such detail and whimsy.

Lisa Aaron's Blog


Those of you who follow my blog know how much I am in love with Astulabee. Nicole Licht is a fabulous person and incredibly talented. Kendra thought her pieces were the 'best in show'. I adore her softies, but find her embroidery really mature and delicate. There is a story, a sort of subconscious feel to these. I want to go live in them. This one was my favorite.


You really need to see this up close to appreciate how tiny and perfect it is.

Nicole Licht's Blog


Helle Jorgensen is downright amazing. Her work graces the postcard/poster of the show. I have followed her work ever since my friend Boodely (Estyn Hulbert) turned me onto it. She does wonderful things with recycled materials.

'Actinia, 2010'

These are crocheted from recycled plastic bags. Interestingly, they were very small. I always figured they'd be large, but no. Lovely work.

Helle Jorgensen's Blog

Melissa Sue Stanley

I really adore the wild cryptozoological tone of most of Melissa Sue Stanley's work, she makes these great little Baba Yaga softies and some fun, weird, amigurumi creatures. But I was blown away by this embroidery.

'remember me'

The hair dangles down past the piece and has little beads in it. Gorgeous.

Melissa Sue Stanley's Blog

Resurrection Fern

Another serious internet crush. Margaret Oomen. She reminds me of the wise fairy tale woman who grants you wishes if you do right by yourself and nature. I imagine she lives in a tree and speaks with the dryads. Another great feeling to see her work in person.

'gather ye pebbles where ye may'

It reminds me of this piece, which she did for her Mother, who is now gone to a better place. There is a beauty, a sadness, and a profound feeling of maturity and groundedness to her work. I am glad to know her even though we've never met in person.

Margaret Oomen's Blog


There was a lot more great art. Those were my faves but I also got to see work by Cotton Monster (just as fun and vibrant in real life as online), Mummysam, (small but really sweet), fun pieces from Hine, a lovely piece with a whale from Wound up Ladybug, lovely mermaid from Mary's Granddaughter, great stuff from muchodesign, this great piece from Erin Paisley and a few more pieces that sadly I can't find pictures of online.

You can do your own virtual search of the gallery (informal of course) by going to flickr and searching for this. And the good people at Gallery Hanahou have actually made a set of photos of the event on flick here.

I highly recommend going over to the individual artists' blogs because the glimpses into their inner lives really brings you closer to their work. I've been reading most of their blogs for over a year now, so seeing some of this work close up was a real treat. Kendra thought it was funny that I knew the backstory of a lot of the pieces (where the artist lives, their name, etc) without even looking at the program.

The show was great. Kristen Rask clearly has a great eye for soft work, embroidered and otherwise. I wish I could go to Plush You! this year, but I don't think I'll make it. All the more reason that I was really glad to get to see this show!

Here are some of the art pieces for sale online.

Thanks for indulging me in my whimsy.