Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late night thoughts

The year has started off strange.

Puppy is getting bigger.

Jobs are doing normal job things. Swinging normal highs and lows.

Snow is coming and going.

I have a new obsession with The Mighty Boosh. Here is a snippet of one of their surreal episodes. Eels.

Right now I'm up too late and it's doing snowmageddeon things outside again. Of course puppy is thrilled. She adores the snow.

I was chatting with Lisa from Lou Lou & Oscar about things on the horizon. (She makes cool things like these guys!)

Some things I would like to do this year include; learn to make my own underwear (it sounds hard but I bet I could do it!), take better care of myself and my loved ones, and maybe even wear more skirts. Silly things for the year maybe, but hopefully manageable. I like to set manageable goals.

I have a lot of goals without time limits that I work on steadily. Some of those include:

Watch all Horror Movies (including science fiction horror, thrillers, etc)

Read tons of great books, adult and otherwise

Meet awesome people and hang out with them, or at least jam to their art somehow

Draw and make things of various and sundry

Write down my weird dreams and find a way to share them

Be silly enough to let people be more free and fun around me, take myself lightly

And I guess a lot of other things like Learn to be at peace with the world ya da yada. But those are the actual conscious everyday goals. The peacefulness and groundedness is more of a subconscious dungeons and dragons style campaign.


I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creating and Snow, 100!!

I can't help but give puppy updates every time I post lately. She's so much a part of our lives I would be remiss if I didn't mention her. Rayna is still growing beautifully, with the limp fully gone as far as we can tell (fingers crossed!) That silly picture is from an hour ago outside.

Last week was called something like Snowmaggedon or something down here. It just put us out of work a day or two though. Not so bad as the blizzard I remember in 96 down in DC (although it looks like DC had a repeat).

Snowing again out, but it's so warm it's just doing cute fluffy things to everything, and the roads look nice and clean still.

I dragged my camera out for first walkies today. Rayna loves the snow so much!!! She just sticks her snout in it and routs around, eating and being just generally happy. Here's the Japanese Maple next door, all snowinated.

I just finished two Sci Fi books (adult not kids) in the name of understanding modern Science Fiction. Pushing Ice by Alistair Reynolds and Eon by Greg Bear. I liked both for totally different reasons. Always interesting to read about aliens and living on asteroids and stuff.

Here's a silly photo I took of myself the other day for a flickr fun thing. I used to always make the peace sign in photos, which is silly. I'm going for a
more Vulcan thing now I think (Yes, that is Weird Owen balancing on my head, he was practicing! For what, I don't know).

I mentioned Mr. Mustard last post. He has clothes now! I just need to finish his associates and set them up for a photo. It's been in my head for awhile now.

I'm also working on the Kakapo, figuring out how to finish a Moonling, and being just a little sad that the softies I sent to Stuffed came back without even a little note of rejection. Ah well. Now they will be slowly getting reposted to my Etsy shop. Go poke around there and you may see some of these guys soon.

Thanks for being patient! I know I'm slow lately with the posty posts.

OH, and Happy 100th blog post to me! I've done more in my life, but this is my milestone with Blogger. Thanks blogger! I'm loving it here!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Owen, Puppy, WIP's

I made a new softie, and he's in the shop! His name is Weird Owen.

I think he wants to sell you a car, or maybe get you chatting. He's quite the odd one. Inspired by strange 80's cartoons and webcomics, his ancestry is muddy at best.

He doesn't stand very well, so mostly he lies around, legs sprawled to the sides. With careful positioning however, he'll stand for you.

Buy him! Buy him! Link. ;D

Rayna is growing handsomely, and so far her limp is totally gone, I hope it stays gone!

Part of her getting better involves the teething getting more intense. My I-pod paid the price....sad. Thankfully my husband loves me dearly and bought me a new one *dance*!

Besides the Petri Dish (which is again on hold, I will finish it I promise!) I have two WIP's. One is someone I think will be named Mr. Mustard, the other is the elusive Kakapo.

Mr. Mustard is going to get a coat and a hat. Which will be...challenging to say the least.
And I've been wanting to make a softie inspired by Abigail Brown for awhile now, and Kakapo is definitely it.

Happy February!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Walking, quick post

I see this shot at night when walking home along Palmer Avenue in Larchmont, NY. Last Friday night the sky was amazing. Just amazing. Click to make bigger.