Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art Swap Submission

Quick side note: Puppy is 23 weeks old! Crazy! Just a bit over 5 months.

Ok, Art Swap:
I'm excited to say that I have joined in an art swap on the interwebs. The trick is that you make art for someone, and then other people make you art. Theoretically I will send out one piece of art, and in return receive 36! I know this is based on the traditional pyramid scheme chain letter, but it doesn't seem like it could hurt anyone, so I figured I'd join in.

The idea of the project is that it takes you less than a week to make it and send it out. So I made my little creature and it's already in the mail!

I'd been wanting to make a four legged creature ever since I saw Nicoles' beautiful pony/horses on her flickr stream here. So I did some doodles, thought about it, and jumped right in!

Of course I ended up with WAY too much middle fabric. I had to add a seam to pull some out. Next time I will be smarter.

My research included traditional folk horses from Sweden, which is where her little saddle comes from. I wish I had used a brighter color for her middle/snout, but next time I will know. The tail is made from some of my wonderful alpaca yarn. I love Alpacas!


She's a tad weird, and definitely different from my other softies, but I hope my swap partner likes her!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Nature Preserve

We liberated ourselves from Puppy yesterday, set her down for a nap, and went for a quick hike without her. Amazing!

Here are some photos from our journey.

I have a lot of new projects going, I will share soon.

Sometimes things don't really need captions. Click to embiggen.

Trying to post, but words are escaping me lately. Luckily they are released in my creations, and my weird dreams.

Might try my hand at dream journalling again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking in words, a strangely cathartic post

(Petri Dish project, still going!)

I haven't been posting as much as I want to, so even though I'm fairly against New Years Resolutions, I guess that will be mine.

More posts! Separate the wheat from the chaff!

I started this blog hoping that it would provide an outlet for my words. I've always loved words, and I've always been a reader. Arguably a Voracious Reader.

I remember walking down the halls between classes reading. I was able to navigate with my peripheral vision. I needed that five minute 'shot of words' between english and math. My earliest memory of doing that is fourth grade. I can still remember the large painting/mosaic at the end of the hall that I used as a target between rooms. As long as I kept that in sight I knew I was going in a straight line and would soon turn left then right straight into my math class.

Ah, nerdiness.

The reasons I haven't been posting are many. I feel as though if I list them they will go away, or at least become more manageable.

Here goes... Watch out! Whinging ahead! I have inserted photos to make it more entertaining. They are unrelated to the topic.

#1: Puppy
The puppy is pure wonderful, but she is a lot of work. She needs to go out at least five times a day (not counting her midday walk), and usually I do them all, or at least four of them. She needs to be fed twice a day, and since she got her limp in December, we changed her diet considerably. Now it takes about five to ten minutes to make each meal. Then she needs her lessons, every day, a few times a day. She practices her commands and sometimes starts learning new ones. Now we're working on 'heel'. Also we are perfecting her stairs. Up and Down. She's still afraid of down.

#2: Dishes/Laundry
And being home for more hours of the day means in all fairness, I do a bulk of the other things that normally we would share. If Taller Half is only home and able to see me for about two hours a night, I'd rather do the dishes and spend that time with him than send him to drudgery as soon as he gets in the door.

Of course that means I'm doing most of the drudgery myself. Which is mostly dishes, sometimes dinner making, and lately Laundry (at the laundrymat, my kingdom for an in-home washer/dryer!) We do the rest of the cleaning together mostly, on the weekends. We both like a clean house, so that's usually a small amount of maintenance, all of the time.

#3 Blogs:
I like to read blogs. Which means I'm spending at least fifteen to half an hour's worth of time every day poking through my list, reading posts, sometimes commenting.

#4 Facebook:
Facebook entertains me, and often has links to other things. This can distract me for over an hour. (The horror!) Also I have a small addiction to Pet Society.

#5 Art making:
My art. This I don't see as a bad thing. If I abandon the internet for a whole day or more to make things, that's great, not bad.

#6 Reading:
I mostly do my reading for work these days, trying to help vet new books for the store, or reading great books to help my handselling technique. It's alot more fun and easier for me to sell books if I've actually read the whole thing, as opposed to just a review, or the first few pages.

#7 Internet as a whole:
Just hanging out. I do a fair amount of sort of 'existing' on the internet. I don't know how else to define it. I manage to waste inordinate amounts of time just surfing around, checking webcomics, looking things up. Suddenly I'll get really interested in an actors career and feel the need to look up all the movies they've been in...things like that. Useless!

#8 Feeling sorry for myself:
Not sure what that is about lately. I'm actually happy, have a great puppy and husband, and love my job. Somehow I still find time to whine.

So that's my list.

As for cutting stuff out of that, well, the easiest answers are facebook and hanging out on the interwebs.

Of course, I wrote this post in order to put it up this morning, and as it was I had to run out the door. Now it's the evening. See, time flies! Far and fast!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Year Turn Over

The Year has turned over. Over and gone. I was planning on doing some family visiting, but the evil sickness (that is just now finally going away, I mean really! I never get sick for that long!) made me opt for rest and snuggles instead.

So we did all sorts of things, snuggled into our little apartment home, most of which were boring but good, like cleaning the house, making veggie stock from scratch, etc.

I made Red Ted, which I mentioned before. And a fun New Years Hat. Here's me modelling it with frumpy hair.

I used the last of the Lamb Chop Puppet Legs for the top there.

And here's the inside. Sadly, a tiny bit too small. The problem with being a mostly self-taught milliner is that I don't really always remember things. Like making the inside comfy. Sigh. Any gust of wind and it's gone! :P

We took Rayna out in the snow up at Sheldrake (a little nature sanctuary place *dog friendly!* we like to go to just down the road).

Trying to remember to admire the small things.

Tall one and puppy far down the path. I got reprimanded for not keeping up. :D

We bought some shelving! OMG I did a little dance when it was up and ready to play with. The Virgo in me is a huge shelver, filer, etc person. So this pleased me most mosting.

It doesn't look clean I guess, but this is what amounts to clean in my studio.

Just the kick in the pants I needed to clean off the table. Shelves! *dancing* I need new inspiration pieces!

I got some lovely fabrics from my friend Kendra. Maybe I will make a quilt from them? I am planning.

And here's a good photo I snapped of the pups a week ago or so. Now it's time to take her outside for her morning walkies.

Loves! Happy New Year everyone!