Sunday, November 7, 2010

A sort of smooth path, Arctic Fox Hat, Sweeney Todd

I'm feeling the path smoothing out. It's still a little rough but things are making more sense.

Fall here in the outskirts of NYC is a bit brown this year. Hubby and I blame the dry summer. Usually we get much stronger colors in our fall leaves.

Puppy just had her spay, and is wearing an e-collar. It's a soft type collar, not one of those hard white plastic ones. And somehow when I saw 'e-collar' on the bill from the vet my mind went somewhere weird. And I was calling it her 'e-collar' at home. And after a few days Adam was like, "So you know e-collar just means Elizabethan collar....right?".

Face palm! Silly me. Four years of theatre, two semesters of costume design, two semesters of the History of Costume and Decor and I forgot about this thing (see picture).

So yeah, silly me. I'm supposed to know these dorky things.

I might be young but I'm still already forgetting important things. Or at least, interesting things.

So yeah, the puppy has a giant collar thing on. And every time I see her looking at me I think of this panel from sluggy freelance.
(I think you can click it or click on the link to make this bigger).

She looks at me and I think to myself, "I'm a pretty flower!"

Heehee. No but really she's healing well and doing just fine thankfully.


As promised, here are more photos of my Arctic Fox Hat.

The genesis of this hat was that it was time to make a new winter hat (as always, with ears), and I had no inspiration. I came across this poor shirt languishing in my closet. I completely adored it. It was the best shirt ever. And my very special aunt gave it to me. But it was stained in the pits, and shredding to bits. So...a rejuvenation was in order. There was no way I was gonna just turn this into a pillow or toss it out...

Apparently I was feeling brooding when Adam took these photos. The frontal shots give the most of the Arctic Fox look.

The aloe is pointing at my head in this photo. Not sure what it wants.

Some details.

When I decided to make this I was feeling a lot of northern Inuit inspiration as well as some thoughts on integrating fabrics from Jude Hill. This post specifically got me thinking about the transition of an applique into the finished piece. A beautiful bit of thought on fabric.

So I kept the bits of it that were torn and stained, and incorporated them into the finished hat. The ears are from some sock scraps from a sock monster or two that I've made. And I added red embroidery over the bloody bits just to make them pop that much more. It feels a bit folksy, and a bit creepy. I like it. It's also roomy, like last years wild thing hat, which I like very much.


PS: If you don't know about the magic of Sweeny Todd, I DO NOT recommend seeing the modern Johnny Depp movie. Treat yourself to a viewing of the Angela Lansbury version. SO MUCH BETTER. Ah, Sondheim. Awesome. Here. A youtube link to one of my favorite songs. The Worst Pies in London.

And if you're lazy, just watch this one here. A Little Priest.

I love Johnny Depp and Tim Burton and all, but this is one of those shows that's just better seen live. Or at least with stage actors. If you ever get a chance to see it live I recommend it.



Karin Bartimole said...

so much to respond to here! from 'pretty flower', to arctic fox hat, to sweeney todd in it's many forms.
Love the cartoon - that just cracks me up. Glad the pupper is in healing mode, poor girl. Love your new hat - the little screaming guy was used in my dad's newsletter through his muckraking years, so I have a particular fondness :) and I agree with all you said about Johnny Depp, etc!

My word verification is belizest. I'm not sure if it's fro Belize -est as in the most Belize like around or for Beli-zest as in having a lot of belly zest, either way, I like it!

Missing you, xox K

Maggie said...

Beautiful stitching!!!