Friday, October 15, 2010

Make your own crazy quilt! Or at least pretend you're gonna.

I'm cleaning out my fabric stash.

I decided it's time to turn over a bunch of my fabric stash. I love it to pieces (hah!) but I'm finding I'm working solely from my scraps and I am getting bored with my color palette. (I have lots of fabric in big piles just waiting to be cut into, but I feel this urge, nay NEED, to use all the scraps).

I thought of a way to make cleaning house benefit people though. I've gathered many of my really great scraps into piles of color.

There are 11 color piles as you can see in this less-than-stellar-picture.


Dark Red

These are perfect for crazy quilting!

The quilt I'm working on now has 12 panels, not exactly these colors but made from the same stash. You could definitely make more than one panel per bunch. (Except for the smaller pink and purple ones, which are adjusted price wise accordingly).

I've put them in my etsy shop for purchase, and considering that each one has some pretty nice fabric in it, I think they're pretty reasonably priced.

If you buy any of them with a creature (Creature! Not the coloring book or a paper item) from my shop I will ship the fabric for free. Just convo me after purchase and I'll send you an adjusted invoice for you to pay.

Here's the link to my shop.

Help me clean out my stash and get some great scraps in the process! Details on each bundle in my store.

Oh and if you buy 3 or more of these I'll send you something extra special secret funtimes! Just mention this blog post in your notes to seller when you go to pay.

PS: If you are actually going to buy these to use to make a crazy quilt, you will also need embroidery thread and some backing fabric. I used cheap orange linen to back all my squares/to give me something to attach to.

End of Line.

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What a great idea!

Mine Baybee!