Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bird Goddess Mask Completed

So I tantalized you all with this picture over on flickr.

But now I finally have finished her. The second mask, the Bird Goddess Mask.

I'm really loving the organic flow of making these masks. I'm tapping into a spiritual part of myself to make these, and pulling from cultural and religious memes as I do it. For this project I was particularly inspired by a mask I had seen in the Tate Modern in London in 2005*. It was a piece made of two beautiful swan wings. They hooked onto a wire headdress, which you could wear, and they would open so you could invite someone over, and then close the wings around both of your heads, providing an intimate place for secrets to be discussed. It was in the surrealist section and I was greatly moved by it.

*(I just spent twenty minutes googling the piece and can't seem to find it)

It's also inspired by hands. Both sides of the mask were made initially with me tracing my hands onto the felt, and the underlying wire structure was also modelled on my hands.

So it's part bird, hands, mystical, ballroom. And of course I used dupioni silk again, which is a lovely material, really, if you're never used it, treat yourself to a yard. This one has black in it, so when you twist it it catches the light differently.

I'm not making a pattern or anything for these. They're happening as I pull and prod them into something. I know I will not duplicate them.

I had some gold thread left over from a class I taught, so I used it to make Masquerade Ball Mask style curliques with couching.

There is a third eye stitched in the middle of the forehead of the mask with chain stitch, which I also used to 'Kohl' the main mask eyes. If you look carefully at the image above, you will see that on each of the 'feathers/fingers' of the mask I added fuzzy red yarn to the edges of the couched gold thread, to further identify them as feathers.

Up next, the polar bear mask!

Oh, and yes, my hiatus from the internet is mostly over, and was mostly refreshing. I will be spending considerably less time online than I used to, and I think I will be the better for it. We'll see if I abandon my resolve when it gets cold again and I can't hang out on the porch with the dog.




Giggly said...

I'm so happy to see you Rose!! The Bird Goddess Mask is gorgeous. I love the inspiration behind it.

I can hardly wait for polar bear mask!!


lynne h said...

i'm so glad i came by today. this mask is wonderful - it inspires me! thank you...



notmassproduced said...

this is quite a creation - beautifully constructed :o)

Drucilla Pettibone said...

oh my goodness!! i love your masks and especially enjoy hearing more about your thoughts and inspirations in making them.

saraclaradara said...

Wowza! That is gorgeous! And can I say that it really suits you? It's like you and the mask are one. Lovely.

arlee said...

Rose, i missed you! The mask is wondrous and the third eye is an inspired touch--makes it more than what it looks to be---a very intense thoughtful firebird here i think

Rosemoo said...

Thanks GigglyMama! I love the piece you did over the weekend!

Lynne, I'm so glad to have inspired you, I know that you inspire me a lot, and I usually just lurk. I need to make sure to tell you more often when your posts speak to me, it feels good to touch base virtually with other artists.

NMP thanks doll!

Drucilla,thanks! I hadn't seen your blog before, I will definitely look into it more, looks lovely!

Sarah, thanks moo! It's funny that we have such different connections these days. Feels like we're each two people sometimes.

Arlee, any praise from you always makes me soar, your work is so wonderful. I think I might have to try some more dying soon. :D And you're right, I completely forgot to mention the obvious phoenix connection here.

joanna said...

rose! that mask is amazing! it makes me want to run around in the woods.

Karin Bartimole said...

I feel so fortunate to have been able to see this fabulous work of spirit and art in person - to even get to place it on my head!! It's magical and beautiful Rose. I see these masks coming to life some day, all together somehow, in a world of your creation...
❤ K

Laura said...

love the details Rose...this is fabulous!!!