Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doodling, arting, questioning, needing

Two pairs of little feet in Philadelphia last weekend.

I love little plastic flamingoes.

I've been pretty down lately, for as far as I can tell silly reasons, but I could use some good energy right now. I've been gravitating towards buying this book and I might just order it for myself at work on Monday because I've been thinking about it for at least three years.

I have a lot of feelings and ideas floating around my head lately. I'm feeling both overwhelmed with life, full of great ideas, and strangely sad all at once.

I'm working on my quilt still. The crazy quilt. I have six patches done and I'm working on the seventh one. Here's the pink one. I'm mostly using three strands of floss on these. I started with one or two, went up to six, and now I'm happiest around three.

It's working well as a way to eat up some great scraps of fabric and a way to practice my embroidery. I hadn't done any 'real' embroidery stitches until I started this project. Here's two links to the last times I updated about the crazy quilt. Here and here.

I guess I should show you finished purple because I haven't shared that yet.

I've been working in some free form embroidery as I get more confident with it. You can see a little circle shape or two in there.

I made a skirt today but it's pretty eh so I won't share it with you. I like it, and can probably wear it around, but it's certainly nothing to show to you all. :D Maybe one day after I fix the darts.

My biggest breakthrough so far on the embroidery front has been a slow and gradual move from the insane evil giant knots I made as a kid to keep things from unravelling, to the simple quick french knot that I'm using now to start and finish. Small, cute, strong, I love it. Go french!!! :D

So yeah, feeling a little down. Not sure what to do to shake these blues. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to fling them forth!

In the meantime, here's a fun link.




Anonymous said...

I think you will feel better soon..It is just a question of deciding what to focus on..when you are trying to do too much it can mess up yer mind..

Been there!

Mine Baybee!


Joey The Bat said...

I also like Lil Pink Plastic Flamingos...