Sunday, July 25, 2010

Doodling, arting, questioning, needing

Two pairs of little feet in Philadelphia last weekend.

I love little plastic flamingoes.

I've been pretty down lately, for as far as I can tell silly reasons, but I could use some good energy right now. I've been gravitating towards buying this book and I might just order it for myself at work on Monday because I've been thinking about it for at least three years.

I have a lot of feelings and ideas floating around my head lately. I'm feeling both overwhelmed with life, full of great ideas, and strangely sad all at once.

I'm working on my quilt still. The crazy quilt. I have six patches done and I'm working on the seventh one. Here's the pink one. I'm mostly using three strands of floss on these. I started with one or two, went up to six, and now I'm happiest around three.

It's working well as a way to eat up some great scraps of fabric and a way to practice my embroidery. I hadn't done any 'real' embroidery stitches until I started this project. Here's two links to the last times I updated about the crazy quilt. Here and here.

I guess I should show you finished purple because I haven't shared that yet.

I've been working in some free form embroidery as I get more confident with it. You can see a little circle shape or two in there.

I made a skirt today but it's pretty eh so I won't share it with you. I like it, and can probably wear it around, but it's certainly nothing to show to you all. :D Maybe one day after I fix the darts.

My biggest breakthrough so far on the embroidery front has been a slow and gradual move from the insane evil giant knots I made as a kid to keep things from unravelling, to the simple quick french knot that I'm using now to start and finish. Small, cute, strong, I love it. Go french!!! :D

So yeah, feeling a little down. Not sure what to do to shake these blues. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to fling them forth!

In the meantime, here's a fun link.



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buried Treasure 2010

"Come with us on a journey through time and space..."

Here is my contribution to this years Buried Treasure. As organized by Seth Apter over at The Altered Page. And here is the link to the TREASURE CHEST if you want to see all the other posts.

I picked this piece from February last year. It starts off a bit etsy focused so I chopped the first half off. Anyway, hope you all enjoy. I'll make the title link to the original post.


Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Perkins and Actual Brain Thoughts

I've been stumbling across a lot of my old art lately, as I attempt to get a grip on what my work is becoming and what I'm becoming. I'm finally starting to feel old. It happens in little pieces. I had the revelation yesterday, maybe the day before, that I am most assuredly no longer 'cool' to teenagers.

Now I was never 'cool'. That would never be a word to accurately describe me. But for a time, maybe five or so years, I was, by virtue of being in college or just out of college, 'cool' to young teenagers. I had tasted the freedom and liberty of 'adulthood', but wasn't yet tainted by adult culture. It was a great feeling. Realizing that I was now suddenly in a highly coveted position.

It's not like there was really any way to exploit this feeling. It just was. Sometimes I'd be on the bus, or the subway, and realize that I was in this exalted place to teenagers around me. I was trusted as a fellow young person, but also revered as a sort of avatar for everything they were itching to be.

And that's pretty much over. I've been told that there is a ten year gap. Within ten years, you're cool. So I guess to a sixteen year old or older, I might still be in that magic place. Hopefully to my sister I am. But to those little fourteen and thirteen year old girls I see at work, I'm a wash up. An adult. Above them in ways they would never aspire to. Wearing last years, or five years ago's fashion. Or a fashion that is inspired by something so ancient that it's just awful.


It's not a new feeling. As I said, 'cool' was just a fad for me. Something I happened on. A treat I got without paying for it, that disappeared just as mysteriously as it arrived.

Getting something for free doesn't mean I can't miss it though.

All the more reason to embrace adulthood, and migrate fully out of the 'in between' place. If it ever existed.

I've been told, multiple times, that I need to get 'adult' jewelry, and wear 'adult' clothes. I've started wearing 'adult clothes' more and more. Just to get some respect I suppose. Wearing the clothes I like wearing doesn't give me much clout in 'adult' conversations. And sadly, I now, more than ever, need to live in the adult world.

It's an important transition. I suppose there are rituals in our culture for that transition. Leaving high school, leaving college, etc. But living and working in theatre, especially when I'm freelance, has meant that I have been able to prolong the inevitable. Everyone in theatre is a bit childlike. A bit loose and free with rules and restrictions. So wearing ripped, painted clothes is totally acceptable. And walking into a theatre when there is a load in, or a 'call' of any sort, in fully 'adult' clothes, means you're a designer, a director, or really just don't belong.

You're expected to be a little 'out there' in theatre. Maybe that's why I'm having a hard time fitting myself into normal 'adult culture'. I definitely fit the bill for responsible, hard working, good little employee. I'm a Virgo and like everything to be perfect when I'm at work. But I also really value my freedom to express myself. To be a little funny and odd.

It's probably why when I've worked retail, I've worked in small businesses. They are usually more accepting of otherness. They run a small business for chrissakes. That's probably one of the hardest things you can do these days. So if they find a competent employee who likes to wear hats with ears, well, whatever, they can wear hats with ears if they get the job done!


Sorry for the long rant. I'll go now. Off to integrate into adult society. Slowly but surely.




And if you're interested in older nuggets of gold...

Here's my 1st buried treasure here.

And the second one here.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Envelope Project, Meet me at Mikes

the envelope project

I love mail art projects. Always have. In fact I'm in the middle of one with my friend Karin.

So of course the Envelope Project down in Wintery Australia caught my fancy. (I've been crushing on them since they published a book that I can't afford that M* contributed to). Here's some info from their site:

"Okay. It's time for a bit of an interactive window project. Here is what we are going to do. You can join in too!

Send us : A decorated envelope with a few cute little papery or crafty things inside it. The envelope can be a regular business sized one, or bigger if you like. The things inside should not be expensive. Recycled or handmade or just extra things you have, which you think someone else might like, would be good. Make sure you keep your postage cheap, so don't be all extravagant. Just be cute.

You might send : photos, pages from magazines, ribbon, swap cards, vintage patterns, notes, shopping lists, little (lightweight!) zines, sweet wrappers, stickers, really... anything small, light and interesting would be ace.

You can show us what you are sending on your own blog : or you can keep it a secret! It is up to you!

Important : put your return address on the back of the envelope

What we will do : we will display all the cute envelopes in our window. And we will take all the things out of them and take a photo of what we receive each day. We will upload that daily image to Flickr. (Details of exactly how to find that on Flickr next week.) We will keep the project going for six weeks. At the end of that period we will draw one random envelope : and send that person ALL THE THINGS we received in the mail! Every single thing. Sent to that person! Holy aceness! Hurrah! No matter where you are in the world! If you join in, you could win! This is open to kids and grown ups too. We like to be inclusive!"

Neat huh? You can join too by clicking the button above.

Head over to Meet me at Mikes for more information.

Here is my envelope contribution:

And here is a sneak peak of the contents:

Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. far far away II patchwork quilt, 2. Bag for Miss C, 3. Tea Time & Space (Detail), 4. embroidery of Tudlik stone cut, 5. Three little fimo birds, 6. untitled (5 to Initiate), 7. Barney P. Dustshelves, 8. guardian of the forest, 9. Poisson d'avril !, 10. Dollhouse furniture, 11. sometimes my mind wanders, 12. Summer Flowers pattern, 13. finished custom order, 14. Orange Stuffed Cat, 15. Max #2 Birthday 055, 16. 25022010717, 17. 170/365 Spit Spot!, 18. Moomin Papa, 19. 3 Love yetis, 20. The The Mighty Boosh Myspace Secret Show

I made up a new word as I was thinking about what I needed to get off of my chest this morning. Inspircrastination. That's what the internet is for me these days. I'm trying to whittle myself down to only 15 minutes of surfing a morning, but that is proving to be much harder than it looks.

I thought of a quote I wanted to help me explain this problem, something I vaguely remembered being a powerful idea. I decided it was probably Virginia Woolf's doing, and lo and behold, less than a minute later, the internet delivered me this quote.

"For masterpieces are not single and solitary births; they are the outcome of many years of thinking in common, of thinking by the body of the people, so that the experience of the mass is behind the single voice."
- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

And that's what the inspiration of flickr and blogs and facebook have been for me. This sort of pulsating heartbeat of 'thinking in common'. The inspiration of the creativity of the artists around the world working NOW. It's an addictive substance.

I'm not claiming that I have a masterpiece in the works, or that I've made one, or even that I will EVER make one, but it is how I feel about my work. That my work isn't really MY PROPERTY. It's more like my privilege to pull from my subconscious. From the bigger subconscious. Because just by virtue of living now, in this time, this place, with these people, I am part of the larger Paradigm of NOW. And who but you, but me, but anyone can share what we are experiencing NOW. The people before us didn't have it, and the people after us won't have it either. And there is so much available to us now to feel, to share, to be and to make. You can find like-minded artistic souls literally across the world and share your work with them, friend them, see what they are making, comment on it, support it, buy it, own it, have it! ...sheesh I'm freaking myself out...

And this addiction to everyones art, the visual representation of the pulsating heartbeat of the people is powerful with me. I want to surf flickr all day and just imbibe the energy and work of the artists around me. The ones I have singled out and followed, their blog, their work, their etsy shop, their photostream.

And it's a type of procrastination. Because the longer I lay in the wake of all the art that is coming now, that is being NOW, the less I am making myself. The less I am contributing to the world of the mass subconscious.

It's a little loop too, because if I just cut myself off from that stream, I almost immediately feel lost and confused and bereft.

I think losing television close to ten years ago influences a lot of these feelings. I don't have the connection to the basic workings of the conscious mind of the body of the people. Things like television and advertising bring you much closer to the NOW of America (since I'm in America, I say that, because I know our TV is much different than everyone elses). I definitely don't miss the shows or the advertising, but I often feel myself out of the more general loop of the everyday world around me.

I think a lot of people take that connection for granted, but having chosen to give it up, I have gained a lot of free time, but lost the baseline of most peoples conscious connection to America. If you meet strangers on the train, or in the laundromat, or even relatives you barely speak to, television often seems to come up as the basis for conversation. It's an easy subject everyone can relate to. Only I can't relate to it. Not really. I watch a few television shows at home, on the computer, but always years after they've come out, never as they're showing.

My internet surfing is my cure for the moments of oddity where I feel alone and singled out as an artist because I lack the connection to the pop culture of now. Of course, as an artist with a television, I often felt alone and singled out anyway, so maybe it's not as big of a change as I think it is.

I guess the point of my ramble is that I need to learn a balance (a huge theme in my life, the lack of balance. I generally feel grounded, but not quite balanced) between the inspiration that helps me create, and the time I need to actually make things.

Does anyone have any tips? I'm figuring it out but would love a few pointers. :D

To conclude my rambling rant...I need to go make some stuff and share it with you.

Here are some new photos of things.

I showed you the plain green mask. Here's one step further.

And here's the finished piece. With detail shots.

And here's me modelling it along with a lovely necklace and pair of earrings I got from Chveya that I've been wearing every day to work since I got them. Lovely stuff!

And here's my first stab at a grocery bag. I'm not in love with the colors but I wanted to use up some fabric that's been just sitting in a bin for at least two years.

Those crummy .99 cent grocery bags we bought at the store are slowly disintegrating, and I wanted to make something that might actually last more than six months.

Anyway, that's my contribution to the world of now. Off to work!