Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Blog Cleaning

OMG you guys. I just realized I have a BUNCH of loose ends from the life of this blog.

Here is my spring cleaning checklist to get us all up to speed. Newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Logo projects: Dendo, still under way, Stitching N Junk, finished.

New Music Video is once again on hold. I got too ambitious and need to rein it in again. I promise myself I will make another Eelwax Video soon. In the meantime, here's another link to the old one.

Battlestar Galactica. We're on the last season. I'm still loving it. Soon we will finish it and move on.

Kakapo. I stalled out on the face. Hopefully will finish it soon because the rest of the body is totally done.

Mr. Mustard. I finished him but never really posted pictures. As of this posting he is available here.

That hat is probably my favorite creation from this year so far.

Secret Project from the end of 2009. It was the famous Sock Puppet Project from FDA. Here are some photos from it.

This project was super fun. I got to make a sock puppet of almost everyone at Adams work. Super silly and fun. They made a movie with them as a going-away present to a very special someone. Not sure if it's online anywhere. That last one is the Adam puppet. And yes, he's wearing a puppet version of this shirt in orange.

Moonling. I never showed you guys a photo but here she is right now. Not sure what to do with her.

More Fun Things I learned in Props Land posts. I will get to them. I need to do them sooner than later before I forget some of them. I have some nuggets of awesome wisdom in my brain.

Frog Planter. He's still out on the porch, taunting me.

Brachiosaurus. Here he is so far. I just need to do one more patch and give him some eyes.

The lovely gifts from Arlee. Still on hold. Love them and working out the best way to do something with them still.

Robin Goddess Creature. Her wire backing was weak so I pulled her off her base and need to finish her...

Herne. On possibly full permanent unfinished status. Shell House. The same. Although poor Pippi really wants a house so maybe I should finish that.

Word Verification Project
. Still trying to figure out what to do with all these faux words.

Petri Dish is still going. I will make the fade through movie when it's done. Here is the current status.

Whew! That's a lot of catch up.


Karin Bartimole said...

whew is right - that is a lot of catching up!! I just LOVE all your creations!! Can't wait to see them in person :)

Keith said...

Kakapo looks BRILLIANT.

Word verification I had to type was MILOG - which is I'm guessing the official way to address a dog belonging to landed gentry.

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Karin! I hope you were as pleased to see them as I was to see you!

And thanks a bundle Keith! Maybe I should just varnish his little beak and call him done. Love your milog. :D