Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heart Strings

Feeling meditative and peaceful this evening.

I drew this shortly after getting home. I saw some windows in the background of a movie I was watching and it inspired me. I love making these coloring pages. I put a link to the pdf on my website. Click here to get it.

Inspired by a new blog 'Spirit Cloth' I'm following, thanks to my friend Karin, I did some weaving this evening.

I don't really have any experience other than those oven mitts you make out of stretchy things in middle school, but it was relaxing to do. I haven't stitched it all together yet so a lot of the edges are loose.

While I was working on that, I was listening to a 70's/80's rock music radio station, and something caught my eye on my studio table. Oh look, the backs of my crazy quilt squares. Apparently sometimes the back is just as intriguing as the front...

A lot of things tugging on my heart strings lately. These strings on the quilt pieces remind me of that.

Click any of these to embiggen.

I'm definitely feeling this blues and whites sort of color palette right now. I need to follow that.

And friend Stepanie stopped by again, and we have a person for scale on Rayna. She's 9 months now!

Remember when she was just a tiny baby? :D I know I do.



Judah Noah said...

Hmn...I'll have to go check out the Spirit Cloth blog, the weaving looks like an excellent way of using some of the random fabric around my studio!

Rosemoo said...

She does beautiful stuff as far as I can tell. Definitely something I think you'd like Judah!