Friday, March 26, 2010

A Haphazard Update

My thoughts, jumbled, so my post, jumbled. I think almost every paragraph is a new line of thought. Bear with me:

We took Rayna hiking last weekend (at 7.5 months, Spring) to the same place we took her at 10 weeks (Fall). Here is a before and after shot. Notice the bag, it's the same bag. Whew!

Rayna is shedding constantly, and apparently there is no end to the fur. At least it means she should be more comfortable in the summer. I guess this is part of the bargain when you get a Bernese Mountain Dog! Every day that I brush her I get a full handful of fur.

So as far as I can tell the two logo projects are finished. (Need to hear back for final confirmation on that, and when I do, I'll share them with you). It's fun to make logos again, I hadn't done it in a little while. UPDATE: Actually I have minor alterations on both, more updates to come.

I finished watching all of The Mighty Boosh episodes. I have decided that the first season (in the zoo) is my favorite, although I love a lot of the later ones, they're just not quite as good.

We went and saw Stuffed and Unstrung. Lovely, fun, energetic show. It's muppets...excuse me... 'puppet americans' for adults. (Check out the website, in that first video the actor-man is an actor-friend of mine. Paul I love you!) If you live in the city and have a few dollars to spare, and love all things Henson you will love this show. You get to see puppets improvising, and get to see what those puppeteers really do down under the puppets. Thanks Wendy and Eric for taking us!

Entertaining and delicious. I love a good interactive theatre piece.


Bookstore life is fun and energizing. The longer I work there the more names I remember, the more faces I recognize, and the more trends I can see in readership and kids growing up. It's really very nifty. I'm not just getting to see our local readers grow up, I'm helping them find great books and getting to hear their feedback. Also it's definitely a job perk to get to help make posters and decorate the window.

I don't really want to talk about it. But check out this website if you ever want to fall in love with a video game again.

Birds! It's pull out your binoculars time again here on the East Coast. I love birds.

Northern Cardinal

(Image from this site)

On my morning walk with Rayna we saw two adult male Cardinals fighting over the local field (and associated females I presume). I love their call, even their angry chitter call is lovely. Although my favorite bird these days is still the Cedar Waxwing. Unfortunately they only migrate through here. I think I missed them this year. Maybe we'll see them when we go north for camping.

Cedar Waxwing

(Image from this site)


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