Thursday, February 4, 2010

Owen, Puppy, WIP's

I made a new softie, and he's in the shop! His name is Weird Owen.

I think he wants to sell you a car, or maybe get you chatting. He's quite the odd one. Inspired by strange 80's cartoons and webcomics, his ancestry is muddy at best.

He doesn't stand very well, so mostly he lies around, legs sprawled to the sides. With careful positioning however, he'll stand for you.

Buy him! Buy him! Link. ;D

Rayna is growing handsomely, and so far her limp is totally gone, I hope it stays gone!

Part of her getting better involves the teething getting more intense. My I-pod paid the price....sad. Thankfully my husband loves me dearly and bought me a new one *dance*!

Besides the Petri Dish (which is again on hold, I will finish it I promise!) I have two WIP's. One is someone I think will be named Mr. Mustard, the other is the elusive Kakapo.

Mr. Mustard is going to get a coat and a hat. Which will be...challenging to say the least.
And I've been wanting to make a softie inspired by Abigail Brown for awhile now, and Kakapo is definitely it.

Happy February!



Cynjon said...

Ack! Ipod!
Okay, he kinda gives me the creeps I have to admit.

ZenCrafter said...

That is one cute dog, but that is a tragic picture of a chewed-up ipod!! You need to craft up a dog-proof ipod cover, stat. I just got an ipod of my own, and my tech-savvy daughter is slowly dragging me into the digital age and helping me upload audio books and music. Next up: crafty podcasts! My life is changing big time. And I just got a pattern from ninimakes for an ipod cover. If I can get my butt off this chair, perhaps I can take my own advice and make a cover for it, too.

darcyarts said...

I love your Etsy pix taken in your natural workspace settings! Me, too.