Monday, January 4, 2010

Year Turn Over

The Year has turned over. Over and gone. I was planning on doing some family visiting, but the evil sickness (that is just now finally going away, I mean really! I never get sick for that long!) made me opt for rest and snuggles instead.

So we did all sorts of things, snuggled into our little apartment home, most of which were boring but good, like cleaning the house, making veggie stock from scratch, etc.

I made Red Ted, which I mentioned before. And a fun New Years Hat. Here's me modelling it with frumpy hair.

I used the last of the Lamb Chop Puppet Legs for the top there.

And here's the inside. Sadly, a tiny bit too small. The problem with being a mostly self-taught milliner is that I don't really always remember things. Like making the inside comfy. Sigh. Any gust of wind and it's gone! :P

We took Rayna out in the snow up at Sheldrake (a little nature sanctuary place *dog friendly!* we like to go to just down the road).

Trying to remember to admire the small things.

Tall one and puppy far down the path. I got reprimanded for not keeping up. :D

We bought some shelving! OMG I did a little dance when it was up and ready to play with. The Virgo in me is a huge shelver, filer, etc person. So this pleased me most mosting.

It doesn't look clean I guess, but this is what amounts to clean in my studio.

Just the kick in the pants I needed to clean off the table. Shelves! *dancing* I need new inspiration pieces!

I got some lovely fabrics from my friend Kendra. Maybe I will make a quilt from them? I am planning.

And here's a good photo I snapped of the pups a week ago or so. Now it's time to take her outside for her morning walkies.

Loves! Happy New Year everyone!



Cynjon said...

You must have had the same ting we had down here...neither of us get *sick* usually, but this time we were laid out for weeks! Even now, almost a month later, I have the occasional cough.

You've got me inspired to do a bit of quilting!

Diana E. said...

Happy New Year, darling. When we move back in August, we must plan a time to meet!