Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art Swap Submission

Quick side note: Puppy is 23 weeks old! Crazy! Just a bit over 5 months.

Ok, Art Swap:
I'm excited to say that I have joined in an art swap on the interwebs. The trick is that you make art for someone, and then other people make you art. Theoretically I will send out one piece of art, and in return receive 36! I know this is based on the traditional pyramid scheme chain letter, but it doesn't seem like it could hurt anyone, so I figured I'd join in.

The idea of the project is that it takes you less than a week to make it and send it out. So I made my little creature and it's already in the mail!

I'd been wanting to make a four legged creature ever since I saw Nicoles' beautiful pony/horses on her flickr stream here. So I did some doodles, thought about it, and jumped right in!

Of course I ended up with WAY too much middle fabric. I had to add a seam to pull some out. Next time I will be smarter.

My research included traditional folk horses from Sweden, which is where her little saddle comes from. I wish I had used a brighter color for her middle/snout, but next time I will know. The tail is made from some of my wonderful alpaca yarn. I love Alpacas!


She's a tad weird, and definitely different from my other softies, but I hope my swap partner likes her!



Cynjon said...

I think your swap partner would be crazy not to love her!

I'd ove to join in, but I'm going to have to pass for now. There's simply too much going on at the moment, with the fostering, Charlie being home/working on the house....not to mention that my studio is *completely* inaccessible at the moment...literally! (we're putting in new closets, and every table/surface-not to mention supplies-is covered in sheets to avoid sheetrock dust!

zukzuk said...

Your baby is so cute as is that wee unicorn!!!

Rosemoo said...

Cynjon: No problem, but, Pictures!

Zukzuk: Thanks!!! :D

joanie said...

Gorgeous! I found you through Margie, I will be back when I have much more time on my hands.

kjhow said...

Keep the unicorn, and send something simpler!!!

ZenCrafter said...

I agree with kjhow--I woulda kept the unicorn! I love it, and I love how your sketches translated into something that transcended the page. You inspire me!

Karen's Monsters said...

Love your little unicorn! So sweet. Glad I got to see what you sent. Have you started to receive any art yet?