Friday, May 29, 2009

Chuppa Tree makes an impact

I'm flying through this project. And yet I know it's taking me hours. I'm so worried I won't get it done in time that I'm just throwing hours at it.

I need to find someone to commission me to make more of these! :D They're a lot of fun!

Anywho, there's a lot going on to make the tree. I decided to do it right I would need to make a pattern and lay that on top of the finished piece as is. Then I could do any altering I wanted to do on the branches BEFORE I cut them out of fancy fabric.

So I took some tissue paper I'd been hoarding from random other projects (The Coloring all of our windows with Theatrical Gel Project, which I never showed you but is TOTALLY GREAT! Virtual Stained Glass! Someone remind me to mention that one day) and taped it together to make a big piece large enough to sketch the tree on.

Then I gridded my little scale drawing, and gridded the tracing paper.

On to the sketching!

Then I set it down on the quilt and eyed it up. I ended up only altering one thing, one little branch needed a new angle.

So then I set it on my brown fabric upside down, traced it out and realized something I hadn't really thought about. Her lines went vertically, and some of the branches go horizontally. So I didn't trace those on the main trunk, I cut those branches off of the trace paper, ran them vertically to match. Ta dah!

So I cut her out, pinned her all up, and laid her down. Then I pinned her to the star and set about hand stitching her down. I suppose I could have machine stitched her down, but I was worried about all her wubbly bits. So I hand stitched the entire circumference of the tree.

Whooo! Took awhile.

Sorry some of the photos have odd coloration. I take some at night and some during icky lighting. I'll get some good final shots in good light I hope.

I still have to decide if I'm backing it (will be nice if they ever use it as a blanket/bed piece, but make it heavier to put up for the event itself) and do the edges with the fancy fabric. AND do the ties that will hold it to the poles.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Chuppa Goodness

It continues.

I got a lot more done on Chuppa/Mandap on Friday. There's more but these are the photos I have of the Star of David part.

Hard fabric to work with but lovely!

It's a great pale gold color.

To do the Star I referenced my scale drawing for the width of the strips, then cut them out. Then I hemmed them all along the lengths.

Then I pinned them down after doing some fancy a squared, b squared, c square maths to make sure I was getting equilateral triangles. Pythagoras go!

Then I painstakingly sewed the whole thing down by machine. Hours and hours and hours.

But lovely!

I finished the tips of the star later by hand because I didn't want to flub them up.

Hand for scale, this thing is HUGE!

Near the end of the day the sun came out and made it look shiny and beautiful.

This is gonna be great. Soon, the tree!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Destashing

I am feeling really overwhelmed by all the cool stuff I have in my studio.

So I'm getting rid of the redundant stuff for cheap!

I would love to just straight up give it away but I just can't afford the shipping.

So I have five selections of fun stuff in my etsy shop, super cheap, each set far cheaper than you'd find anywhere else. Plus it's from me!

Here's some photos of what I've got up there.

Some Craft books (sold)

More Craft books (sold)

Weird Odds and Ends

Some Fun Fabric Scraps

Some Fun Collage Fodder

Chuppa is coming along nicely. I'll post more photos soon. The Star of David is almost completely stitched down! Five...long...hours....sigh.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chuppa/Mandap Project in progress!

So the Chuppa Committee have ruled that I can begin. I bought fabric on Friday and am now all the way...well you'll see.

Basically the story is that my friend is finally getting married and I'm making her and her man a Chuppa/Mandap! If you don't know what those are, they're basically this great tent thing that you have your wedding ceremony under. That is really really really simplifying it though. You should go to Wikipedia or ask someone if you want to understand it better.

I really feel as though it's an honor to be working on something with such significance.

Here is the fast little photoshop sketch I did based on their ideas for their chuppa. Actually this is the second or third incarnation of them. They were more busy before.

My first doodle wasn't really to scale though I did use it to help me estimate fabric amounts.

The black and white one behind it is actually 'to scale' This is 9'6" by 9'6". Or about two Roses.

I'm basically making a 'summer quilt' since I'm essentially doing an odd sort of piecing without batting.

I've never made a quilt before, but I have a lot of experience with textiles from my work in theatre so I'm not really afraid of it.

I made a quick and dirty color version with glue and scraps of the fabric to make sure I was happy with the overlay ideas. And the color harmony. I need to make sure the tree doesn't dwarf the star of david I decided after doing this little one. Otherwise it's close in concept if not execution.

I cleaned off my (well, the taller ones really) drafting table to use as a layout table.

Side note, look at all those freaking pins! They hurt so much when they scratch you too! It's not like I've never used pins but ow!

I was going to try to sew all the layers down at once and then decided that that would be crazy talk. Here's the first circle of the flower shape. I'm calling it the 'yolk'.

Bazzam! I've sewn down the edges of all three flower shapes. Now on to the Star of David!

This project is definitely going to be time consuming. But it's really fun working on something that (hopefully) will be an heirloom item and stay in their family for ages!



Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Projects I haven't shared yet and hey it's Mothers Day!

So many little and big projects going.

I have quite a few in process projects which is why I haven't shared much lately. I usually wait until they're done to share.

I made a baby Simon giraffe which of course got claimed immediately by the tall one.

I'm calling her Pinky. You can see her riding Simon.

I took the button I bought from Rivulette and made it into a nifty pin. It's sort of a squid thing. I'm liking it.

I'm working on a Barbie Redux project. Here she is so far. Just a teaser of her back. Ridges.

I won a little prize from Simply Robin's guest blogger Robin Fremer. She sent me some lovely cotton yarn. I'm knitting a gauge swatch to see what I should do with it. Here's my swatchy.

Arlee is quite nice and I commented on her blog so she sent me a set of nifty projects!

I've taken the tea towel thing and started a little cushion. I'm using it to test out some of her neat stitching techniques she displays on her flickr set.

Ursabob house, Herne the Hunter statue and Bird woman are all sort of hanging out. Petri Dish I attack now and again and I vow to finish before summer is over.

And of course I have the huge Chuppa Project going on that I will talk about soon. I need the Chuppa committee to decide on colors before I can start shopping fabric. I don't have much time to do it so that will occupy a lot of my time soon.

And Happy Mothers day to all mothers! :D


Friday, May 8, 2009

8 Things, another meme

I usually hate meme-y things. They remind me of chain letters. Which remind of a terrible thriller series I read as a teenager.

Anyway, this one actually seems fun. I was tagged by ninon (I'm pretty sure her name is Tania but you know how the internets go).

Frankly, I'm just excited that ninon (aka Tania maybe) knows who I am! She makes the most splendiferous creatures! Oh man they're great. I want one so badly. I have promised myself that before I die I will get one of her softies. :D

Here's a sneak peak at Magma Asniov. Probably the coolest boyfriend I've ever had. Although he doesn't know I exist.

Anyways. Here's my answers to the meme thing. I will participate but I decided not to tag anyone. These things get out of hand quickly!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
-our honeymoon
-finishing my barbie redux
-the results to who got into mortal plush
-making a chuppa for my friends wedding
-going to my friends wedding
-August camping trip
-Possibly hosting a sock monkey making workshop!
-The next live Eelwax Jesus concert

8 Things I did yesterday:
-watched a Wallace and Gromit movie
-made corn, bbq chicken and salad for dinner
-worked on my barbie redux entry
-worked on a vampire pig creature
-fixed my sewing machine (again)
-did the dishes
-sifted through more emails
-bought a cool book

8 Things I Wish I could do:
-time travel (without creating too many paradoxes)
-Make more money doing what I love
-Meet H.P. Lovecraft (he's dead, long dead)
-Meet Ursula K. LeGuin (not dead but far away and busy writing books) and have tea with her!
-Collaborate on a great project with really talented people that doesn't make me feel like my soul is being sucked out through my skull
-Get a dog for the tall one cause he wants one so badly

8 Shows I Watch:
These are not current as we don't have a tv. We watch reruns and dvd collections of tv shows. So here are some of those (some of these I watch alone cause he doesn't like them).
-Moral Orel
-Ergo Proxy
-I Love Lucy
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Star Trek The Next Generation
-Invader Zim

No tag backs cause I don't like playing chain mail. Although I just did so there.