Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Secret is out. We're married!

I can finally tell the world.

We got married!

It was tax day (April 15th), and we did it!

It wasn't really a secret as much as we wanted to make sure we told all of our family members (or at least sent them an email or a postcard) before telling the 'net.

I guess that makes sense. But really I wanted to just jump to a rooftop and scream to the world asap!


I still feel that way! I'm so in love with this tall monkey!

We went to the local New Rochelle Courthouse and got married by the mayor! Cliche maybe but quite fast and easy. A clean and simple wedding. Good for our small pocketbooks. We want (well mostly me) to do a small family-and-friends meet other family-and-friends party of some sort, but we're waiting until we have a more stable bank account and space to do it in (three years down the line maybe?).

Honestly it would have been fun to have some sort of little party or something, but we couldn't really afford to have anything large, and if we did it small we'd inevitably be leaving someone or other feeling left out. So best to avoid the problems that Sleeping Beauty ran into and have no angry fairies.

Here are some photos of our venture. We imported a friend from NYC to be our photographer/witness/awesomeness (and since we DID legitimately need her services we didn't feel like that was part of the angry fairy problem). Kendra is great and took lovely photos with my little camera.

Noam reading us the ceremony. (Look we're in the stripey club!)

We got to recite our vows to each other.

We're married now!

Waiting for the paperwork.

Leaving the courthouse, married!

The munkys are celebrating! ;D

PS: Taking my driver's license test and failing it that morning did put a bit of a damper on the day, but otherwise it was lovely. We got a bit schnookered on champagne and made pizza for dinner.

I'm still amazed that in my college class I'm the first married one. Or at least I'm pretty sure I am. There are a few people I've lost touch with. Let me tell you, I always figured Kendra or Claire would be first. There's no telling what Fate will do to you!

Low key fun!


PPS: If you're a close friend or family member of either me or the taller one and didn't get an email or postcard pop me an email and I'll add you to our list! Better late than never!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Rivulette is great aka more shameless fandom

So I know I haven't said enough about Rivulette aka Stephanie McKay. She is one of my main etsy crushes lately.

Rivulette has a website, an etsy shop and a blog and a flickr stream.

She has her own lovely studio that she painted herself (a great shade of orange!) and she dyes and spins her own wool blend yarns.

She also does lovely lampworking and makes glass beads and buttons and teaches beadmaking.

She is sunny and wonderful. Every interaction I have had with her is joyous and sweet! And her yarns knit up so well and so comfy! They always come with a little sachet of lovely smelling herbs that make opening up my yarn extra special.

Look at these great glass buttons!

I just bought myself her calico yarn (and one of those great buttons) as a present to myself. And she made the wonderful 32 flavors yarn that I made into scarves and hat and arm warmer (remember this blog entry?).

Here's a picture of my newly knitted up spring scarf in the Calico. I might have to buy myself some more.

She's great. If I had loads of money I would just commission her to make me great stuff all the time!

So spend money at her shop. Go! She's about to be featured in Knit.1 Magazine, so snap up your yarns before they're all gone!



Friday, April 17, 2009

Secrets and spring

Sorry for the long absence.

A lot has happened in the last week.

I'm sitting on a pseudo secret that I'm dying to share with the world. Soon I will share with you all.

On Wednesday I managed to fail my first drivers license test. I didn't hurt anyone or do anything dangerous, but I did fail.


I will try again soon. Hopefully the next time I won't have such a crazy case of the nerves. I'm a good driver now that I've been practicing a lot, but I got really nervous and it threw my game.

I'm working on the second munky video again, after a year long break! I'm hoping to finish it soon but I make no promises. The munky videos are of course my mini marketing campaign to get everyone to fall in love with Eelwax Jesus. The first one can be seen here.

And I sold an original art piece to someone lovely in Belgium! I'm going to put it in the post today. How exciting is that?! I hope it arrives safely. I once sent a stuffed softie to a small island country off the coast of Madagascar that I'm not totally sure exists and it arrived just fine! So let's cross our fingers and hope this one does too.

The cherry blossoms just opened up down the lane, though a few trees aren't open, quite a few have gone full flood. I love when they just open up, and I'm always sad when they leave their little puddles of pink on the ground around them.

Here's a photo from last spring curtesy of the photo stylings of the taller half. I don't know what plant this is. I think it was a tree.

We're hoping to hit the Bronx Botanical garden again one of these days and see what's gotten to opening down there.

I am working on a submission to the Barbie Redux thingy. I think it will end up being fairly Lovecraftian. I hope she comes out the way I want her to.

And I didn't use a Barbie in this project, but my art doll robin creature is both a bit on hold and making progress. Here's a new shot of her head. I'm torn between leaving her as is and doing a lot more detail all over her.

So I suppose, as spring is supposed to be, lots of things are changing, blooming, failing and renewing.

I'm excited for this next year, and I hope to spend more time outside this spring and summer than I did last year.

Happy spring to all!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Petri Dish revisited, EP episode 39

So I have gotten very close to OD'ing on Emergency Pants. But I'm safe. Three or four episodes a day hasn't killed me yet.

Soon I will be finished. Sad!

I've been working non-stop the last week without my normal (these days anyway) periodic long breaks. The joys of part time have ended, at least for now, and I'm snapping up the random work that comes my way. Which right now is props overhire for some Broadway stuffs.

I really like working on Broadway when it's only sometimes. I can enjoy the weirdness of being in a theatre while everyone is working, and knowing that not that many people get to see backstage and hang out with everyone on a show. But I get that without all the obnoxiousness of being at any job where it starts to 'just be my job' and stops being cool.

I think that's one of the reasons I've always loved freelance. It's all changing so often you never get bored of it. (Until you wish you had a vacation cause you're working constantly).

Working in the city means a much longer commute though, and since I did that Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday I had a lot of time for this new E.P. obsession. When I go into the city I get at least 2.5 hours a day of full commute time. That's a lot of podcast.

My biggest happy of yesterday was getting mentioned in episode 39 of the E.P.

My second biggest happy was seeing a little brown bunny eating grass on my walk home. How cute!

I'm a sucker for cute things.

I restarted work on the petri dish project (see link for first blog about it). I had gotten tired of it for awhile, but it's calling to me. Beefranck, Threadstar and MrXStitch are putting me to shame with their awesome stitchery.

I will post the detail shots of the petri here, since they have no room on the flickrs. I pray that someone will buy me a pro account on flickr, but there's no pressure (long stare in someones direction).

Here is the source material, from Eshel Ben-Jacob:

And here is where I am so far:

This is going to take for freaking ever.

I love it.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Emergency Pants, Do you have some?


I am currently addicted to a podcast. It can be a bit dirty sometimes, so I wouldn't recommend it to children, but everyone else needs to listen to this. Cynjon and Heather, I'm calling you out. I think you'd love this. It's awesome.

There are two friends (and sometimes guests) talking. It sounds boring but no.

This is the funniest stuff I have listened to in a long time. I have guffawed on the subway while listening to this. And yes I laugh out loud, but usually not when listening to my little travel podcasts.

I feel as though I have two new best friends, only they don't know me and I've been hiding in another room listening to them have a good time. Something like being a stalker who just goes to someones house when they hang out once a week and laughs at all their jokes while hiding in the dark outside their window.

Or maybe it's everything I love about This American Life, only not planned or scripted, not heavily edited, and always hysterical.

No. It's more like hiding next to the window.

They start with episode 7, there was an accident and there are no episodes 1-6. That's ok. Start with 7, make your way through the rest.

I downloaded mine through Itunes but you can go to their site and download them from them.

Emergency Pants

I have been ploughing through their archives. I started listening on Saturday and it's Monday and I'm up to Episode 18. Yikes.

I might need to slow down.

Too much emergency pants.

No. Never too much. Too funny. Too too funny.

Listen to a few. I think episode 9 slash 10 might be my favorites, but I'm loving them all.

The best part is that it is making me a bit of a five year old. People say ordinary things now and I just start cracking up. Oh man.

I know, I'm babbling. Go listen.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Website

I spent almost all day getting my website into ship shape.

It's not totally done but I like it a LOT better than the old one. I was getting frustrated that A, my blog, etsy site and flickr all have white background, and my website had a black background. And B, it was incredibly difficult to navigate.

Hopefully I've fixed both of those problems. It's definitely got a white background. Not sure if it's easier to navigate. Though I took a lot of content down so probably by default it's easier to navigate... :D

You can still find the old one here, until I take it down sometime this month.

And the new one is here.

Thanks for visiting!