Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catchup! Posty

Sorry for the lack of posty.

I've been sick basically since December 5th. It's gotten worse, gotten better, changed, etc etc. I'm doing ok mostly, but I'm always a low level sick.


Today, things, family, loves.

Rayna gets bigger and bigger. She's huge! I love having a puppy.

I made cheesy scallion scones this morning. See that teacup? I found it by the side of the road a few days ago. I love it.

I have three finished "long term project" crazy patches done for the crazy patchwork quilt. I still need to finish the orange one.

Remember that book I mentioned? Red Ted and the Lost Things? I decided I couldn't live without it and bought it for myself at the store.

And then I just had to make my own Red Ted!!!! (It helped that I happened to have a small knitted sweater lying around with no one to love).

It's tricky getting that 3D effect. I worked on it last time when I made My Little Nessie.

I used to be so afraid of making things. And so afraid of patterns. Now I just make my own. I'm getting much better at it. This was the first time through! No big mistakes and no redos!

I wish his head was wider, and he was a little less fat. But Tall One loves him and has claimed him for the house, so I guess I did good.

Maybe I'll do more creatures based on book characters. Robot Zot maybe next? We'll see.


Reminder: The illustrator Joel Stewart has a blog is called Black Carrot Secret Diaries, and Michael Rosen wrote it.



beefranck said...

I want you to feel better soon. Please?

I love that bear so much! Also, crazy quilts is what started my love for embroidery when I was little.

Chveya said...

oh what a spectacular post!! The bear is bea-ute-i-ful!!! ANd so is the patches. And your dog is almost as lovely as my daughter!! I hope you get better. Have you been to your doctor? Are you taking vitamins?? Some day the poor naked little guy you sent to me will get a new do. And I will post abouit it when it happens! Happy New Year to you, all the best in 2010!!!

Rosemoo said...

I'm slowly getting better. The doctor was not much helpful, but the tall one is basically a doctor so I'm getting treatment. Thanks for the love guys!

Joel Stewart said...

He's wonderful!

astulabee/nicole said...

this is just a great bear! hugs and well wishes to you!

Rosemoo said...

Thanks everyone. Especially Joel! You're the one who brought him to life with your awesome illustrations!!! :D

ZenCrafter said...

I love Red Ted! I really admire your ability to just dive in and make these patterns. I think you captured him exactly.