Thursday, November 19, 2009

Attempting a state of Zen, also, puppy update

The title above refers mostly to the 'attempting' part. As I have yet to achieve a state of Zen.

I've been in full on 'puppy-mother, wife, worker, crafter' mode. All four hats at once. And I'm finding little time for 'rosemoo' mode. Which of course serves to make me cranky at all the other tasks.

It is, of course, much harder being a puppy-mother and wife (simultaneously) than I thought it would be. And projects that I usually love (and have been rocking out the last two weeks) are not unenjoyable... but I'm finding very little time to stop and savor them as they flit in and out of my life.

Right now I just finished a project that needs to be secret until the end of December, and tomorrow night I will be teaching twenty three 11 year old girls how to make duckies.

So instead of being Zen, and letting the world slide through my fingers elegantly, with just enough control to feel safe...I'm coveting things.

I'm in full thrall of these guys over at Resurrection Fern (click for the link), and am thinking about altering the design a little for my christmas presents this year. Of course that would be a lot of hand embroidery so we'll see.

And Tania has made some lovely new things to make me oogle over at Super Ninon. Like this one,

and this one.

And I really want a jacket like this one by greybirdtextiles on etsy, but in shades of grey or an aqua/turquoise.

Although I've been coveting that for over a year I think. I love her yarns too....Oooooohhhh.

See the beautiful Circus Fabric! Sold by Karaku on Etsy.

And I want to eat up Nicole's new puppy, as well as her beautiful little tutorial lion for a class she's teaching and/or has just taught.

I would love to get in on that teaching residency, but I think I'm too packed to even manage to meet her for a drink in the city, let alone get taught something!!! (sad face)

God I never get enough of Margaret Oomen's work. I want at least one of her prints on my wall. Yesterday.

And of course, I must at least mention in passing that the store I work for, The Voracious Reader, in Larchmont, NY, won First Prize for the Graveyard Book Party Contest! (not the grand prize, but still!).

Thanks in some small part to me I believe. There was a horse in the store. And it was awesome. No really. A horse.

Since I used to read Neil's blog RELIGIOUSLY, it's pretty exciting that even though only through the store I work at, I was mentioned on his blog (dance, dance).

So yeah. I've been busy. Helping plan parties, make things, raise a puppy, be a wife....oh man the list goes on. I'm sorry I'm out of the loop with the blog land but I promise, I'm reading, just not commenting or writing.

Zen love?



Kelda said...

Wow, I did not know the party with the horse was yours. I am impressed and slightly bemused.

steph said...

methinks you should learn spinning. it helps with that zen thing.