Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mount Holly

The Taller Half and I went for a fall colors walk/hike in Mount Holly on Sunday. It was really nice out, not a bit cold, and super sunny. Which was weird because that morning it was rainy and overcast.

We saw spiders and fuzzy caterpillars and Wood Frogs.

There was pretty light coming through the stained glass ceiling of leaves. And every few minutes a breeze would hit high above and send yellow leaves cascading down around us like confetti.

Lots of little mushroom friends were popping up. Very different from the ones we've seen the last few months.

Can you spot the Taller Half in this photo?

How about this one?

I really love the Nature Conservancy sites in New York. I highly recommend going to all of them. They're well maintained and not very highly travelled, so you see a lot of wildlife. If you navigate to the Mount Holly page of their site you'll see you can click on the red dots just north of NYC for great hiking!

In related news:
The Tall One is sick and I think I might have to come to terms with the fact that I'm pretty depressed right now. It has been suggested that I find some cute helpless animals and snuggle them. Maybe that would help. I think it would just make me feel guilty that I couldn't take them home.

Note: Apologies to Margaret Oomen for totally stealing her layout the last few posts. It's just so addictive to narrate every little photo!


Jon said...

You did find a cute helpless animal. His name is Adam. Snuggle him.

Cynjon said...

Sending you some anti-sadness through the ethers.

Rosemoo said...

Thanks guys.