Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small things

I've been wandering the wastes of the interwebs lately.

I'm feeling like I'm doing too much and not doing anything at all at the same time.

I'm really feeling discombobulated and I'm not sure why. Maybe the change in season?

Reading The Master and Margarita. About 3/4 of the way through now. I'm gonna move to 1900's Russia STAT. Highly recommended book.

Working on a new goal of an eventual crazy quilt. Piecing individual squares of color. I've done red and blue, and I'm working on yellow. I'm still not sure how big I want it to be. It's my first 'real' quilt. Since the Chuppa was more of a giant art thingy.

I'm trying to use up all my weird little scraplets. Here's blue and red so far. I'm experimenting with embroidery styles around all the edges. They're about 12 1/4" square.

I'm not doing much writing lately, but I am taking a lot of photos of things. Margaret Oomen has inspired me (which she does every few days I think) to stop and look closer at things. Click them to embiggen.

And I've discovered the joy of taking purposely blurry photos. I focused the camera on my hand and then removed it. This photo strikes me as delicious for some reason.

More substantive posts soon I hope.




Kelda said...

Ooh, I love that book. Gotta read it again.

M* (Melanie) said...

Oh wow Rose! Your crazy quilt looks amazing! I love crazy quilts and attempted one a very long time ago but never did anything with it. I have recently pulled all the scraps off (I had ironed them to thin interfacing to assist holding it in place) and have bagged up the scraps for another day. Would you like them? I am still preparing a parcel for you - I haven't forgotten!! - and could add it to the loot if you like?

zukzuk said...

I think the discombobulation is going around... Yes, yes, I know it's not a word. See what I mean?


Margie Oomen said...

What a beautiful post and your pictures are really outstanding. The master and the margarita is one of my very favorite books. I have read and reread it many times since my teen years.