Monday, August 10, 2009

Frog Attack, and adventures

The other day, I left my home to see this on the porch.

Hang on. Look a little closer. Here.

If you want to see it even closer, click it, and there's a larger version.

My first reaction:


My second reaction:

"Awww, a froggy!"

My third reaction:

"Um, it's sort of creepy staring at me."

My fourth reaction:

"Run away!"

We live in a house split between us and our landlords. So they must have planted that froggy there.

He just appeared, with no warning.

Now I see him every single day I leave the house.

I don't notice him as much when I get home, but when I open the door to leave, he's there.


Of course, since I love the bizarre, I find him adorable. But it's also just weird and baffling. Why is he pointed at our door? And why does he stare at me so?


On a lighter note, I took some more pictures of fun things I see in my daily existence. I'm a Westchester/NYC kind of girl these days. Bopping between them like it's my job. Which it sort of is...

Here's a cute little tile, painted by an elementary schooler several years ago. There's a whole ton of them on the bridge by the commuter train I take when I go into the city. I love each and every tile. This one speaks special things to me though. What's he doing? What's on his back? What's at his foot? Who knows. It's great.

I see these whenever I go into work in Brooklyn. Lots of things like this actually. But I love these doors. All paired up like that they're really great.

I went back to the cool Empire State Building bar on the roof. The M E bar at La Quinta Inn. On the way there I waited for my friend at 28th and Park. A nice shot ensued.

Yesterday I sent out some little friends to a potential photo shoot for a magazine. If I get accepted I'll tell all of you so you can pick up a copy.

Soon I will start a randomized series of, "Things I learned while doing Props". I'm excited to talk about the wonders of spray paint and various types of glues. Stay tuned!

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