Monday, August 3, 2009

Facebook and the Heat

I've succumbed to the facebook. (Feel free to friend me, mention the blog). And of course it is taking a little bit of time to get it out of my system.

Right now I'm very excited to 'see' where some of my friends are. Ever since discarding Friendster a few years ago I haven't really had a social networking site. So it's sort of a reawakening of all that fun stuff from ages ago.

Where are you? Where have you been? You're married now?!

That sort of thing.

The summer is slowly turning into the normal New York scorcher that we all know and hate. There's a reason why most of the populace go to the Berkshires, the Poconos or all other points when it hits August round here.

I really want to be making more softies, but my studio is outside of the air conditioned area of the apartment. Which means that I really don't want to go out there...

Oh lordy. Now I know what all those Aussies were talking about awhiles back. Bleh. Heat. I need to move further north.

The other night I was out for some festivities for my friends birthday. And it was pouring most of the night. And then it was nice outside, and the tarps came off the rooftop bar, and look what I saw up in the sky?!!

A big blurry Empire State Building!


There are good things about living here.

This is one of them.



notmassproduced said...

lucky you :o)

zukzuk said...

I think I managed to befriend you but I gotta say, Facebook gives me the heebie jeebies. I just sneak in there when I need to respond to a message and get out of their quick. Why do I feel like this??

You wee nessie is adorable...

Rosemoo said...

Facebook is overwhelming a tad. But I guess I'm glad I joined.

I'm submitting Nessie to a contest sorta thingy. I hope she wins!