Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Adventures, summarized

I've been gone. Now I'm back!

So the taller half and I just went on a series of adventures, starting with a honeymoon and ending with watching 'Hancock' on Netflix Instant Play (And since I published this later than intended, there are a few extras too).

Highlights include:

Having the best ever Camping trip. Rain when we felt like snuggling in the tent, sun when we wanted to go swimming, never too hot or too cold.

Whilst Camping (which was our Honeymoon, up in Saranac Lake), seeing a large group of Red Breasted Mergansers and their adorable little bakers dozen of baby chickies. No photo yet, but this is what they look like.

Reading The Giver (highly recommended, Lois Lowry) and making headway on Manifold: Space (tall one wants me to read the series. Very good so far, Stephen Baxter) whilst on vacay.

Getting a new sewing machine as a wedding present from the new MIL. :D

Getting taken to dinner and ice cream with the In-laws (I have in-laws! How awesome is that?! This whole married thing is still new), and seeing a giant panda head trash can topper (who looked constipated, it was awesome). This isn't the one, but here's one that's similar. I loved him. I laughed and laughed. You can say it's not a highlight but it really made my day.

Going to the Kutztown Fair curtesy of said new In-laws (I said it again!). See the awesome hex signs we saw here. And the Quilt Barn! Here. Yes. A barn, full of quilts. Very interesting.
Also, if you look at this guys flickr photo, you can see my favorite little calliope thing in the left corner. On top of it were all these little hand carved one of a kind animals. Really great.
The fair is over for this year but here is their website. Very cool. Mostly PA Dutch crafts and food.

Hancock was amusing, but not too great. Fun for a boring afternoon. Though it was the scripts fault. The main three actors rocked the house.


This ends the cool vacation section


Fun highlights from today are:

This morning I saw, 3 baby mockingbird chicks at head height (bad place for a nest mommy bird!) in a nest, getting fed by mommy/daddy bird.

That same bunny from several posts back I think, poking around on the grass.

A juvenile Crow. I don't think I'd ever seen one of those before.


I just got to drive to and from the grocery store by MYSELF.

I almost forgot to tell the internets. Before we went honeymooning I passed my drivers test! Finally! Wheeeeeee!!!!!

I know. It sounds utterly ridiculous to be excited about shopping for groceries. But if you know me in person, you will realize what a huge HUGE step this is for me. I used to claim I would never learn to drive. Then I was terrified to start driving. Then I learned on a stick. Then I gave up. Then I learned on another car.

Now, LICENSE!!!!!

The top photo of this post is the sort of car we have, in the right color no less. Brazenly borrowed from this guys website. (And I think he borrowed it too now that I look at it. From this site.)

This car is so me. A VW Rabbit thingy. It's my size. Me sized! I'm so small it's so great to have a car that feels Rose-sized. And it's one year younger than me. So I'm top dog.




poemhome said...

cool post
and remember: in-laws are better than out-laws.

Rosemoo said...

Wise words.

Out-laws sound like something no one would like to have really.


M* (Melanie) said...

Wow Rose!! What an awesome honey moon! And congratulations on getting your licence! Way to go!! And a new sewing machine! That is such a great present!

notmassproduced said...

you're on a roll. long may it last :o)

Karin Bartimole said...

congrats all around Rose! I can totally relate to your excitement regarding your license and the freedom in solo grocery shopping - I was 29 when I finally got mine :) I just found you via seth's blog and have enjoyed exploring your soft creations, and LOVE the results of the workshops you've done - so cute!!
from a fellow New Rochellian,

Rosemoo said...

Thanks y'all!

And Karin :D Thanks for the words and energy! Drop by at the Bookstore! I'd love to meet you! (PS I'm there today, Thursday)