Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reminder about Giveaway and 2nd buried treasure post!

Don't forget, you have until the end of July to win this cute little guy! Go to this blog post to comment and enter to win him! I'll send him to the far reaches of the globe for you! For free!



Here's my entry to the second go-round of Buried Treasure. Treasure Map here.

Since I haven't been blogging for too long, I was originally going to post something I'm not too excited about (For those of you who are curious, this one). Then I realized that before I joined Blogger I had a Yahoo 360 account. And I never archived them particularly well. So here's a copy of one of my old Yahoo blogs. Short and sweet.

April 28th, 2008

Dreaming of Eelwax Jesus, and laundry mishaps
Spent last night at the laundry mat dreaming of the next Eelwax Jesus video I'm working on. Got some super excellent feedback and response from me loverly partner. It's very exciting to have a creative collaboration with someone you love. I'm not sure how many times I've really had that. It's fabulous.

Funny story about the laundry mat. We've been going to the same one over and over again for over a year (and he had been going there for much longer than that before I even arrived on the scene). We often go Sunday night. And lo and behold, there is often a man there doing a ton of laundry. He is there almost every Sunday night, as far as we can tell, and sometimes there is a bit of a shuffle as his laundry finishes in the dryers etc. Since he does A TON of laundry, he is hard to ignore. He's usually there before we get there, and stays to fold after we've left.

So after awhile, I got tired to referring to him as 'that guy who always does a lot of laundry', and named him Dennis. Yup, I named a stranger, who I see every two weeks or so. It was easier than having him be an awkward phrase. And I was ok with that, and partner Monkey was ok with that, (although he thought it was a little weird).

So last night, as we sort of waited for a dryer, he could tell I was waiting and said, "I'll be done soon and then that one is yours". So I smiled, and thanked him, and took a leap. I introduced myself. He introduced himself. And then, god knows what prompted me, I actually told him I've been calling him Dennis in my head. And he smiled, and laughed, and thought it was highly funny. Turns out he's actually a Robert. (Monkey and I think he's secretly a Dennis though. We've gotten attached to the name). And he said that he does the same thing sometimes. And I got the feeling (I might have been projecting) that he almost, ALMOST, told me what he has been calling us all this time. Like he has some silly name for us. But he didn't, and the moment passed.

Funny how these little things change everything. Now I know the laundry lady's name too. Pauline. And I KNOW Tall one has seen her over and over again for YEARS.

I'm mostly just surprised it took me so long to ask. I usually am quite forward about these things. I think it was because for the first time ever ever, it was just me, Adam, Pauline and Dennis (ROBERT! It's gonna take some readjusting). So I just had to take the opportunity and make the plunge.

Feels good to know his name. Makes him more of a person.

I look forward to seeing him again.

Even if he is a Dennis in Roberts clothing.



Sadly Robert seems to have left that particular Laundry mat, though we still see Pauline fairly often. Apparently he used to do laundry for his two teenage sons and himself, so he had a lot to do.

It's fun digging up treasure! Here's another link to the treasure map to see more! Thanks, Seth, for bringing us all together!

And here's a few little tidbits I meant to post last week and never got around to:

I just got a great laugh out of this post by Adam Rex. (The genius who wrote The True Meaning of Smek Day, which is my favorite book from 2008 for sure).

We just got THIS BOOK in at the bookstore and I think I might be in love. It's lovely. So lovely. The little link there doesn't do it justice. It's like opening a doorway into a candy store full of candy you never knew you wanted. Full of life and color and beauty. I might need to buy one of these to keep and love.

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by!



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an absolutely adorable story. And your comment about "Dennis in Robert's clothes" struck a chord with me. In fact, an art piece came to mind when I read it. You really DID inspire me today!

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this laundry story !!!! I make up names for people all the time too - my husband thinks I am a little nuts but he always remembers the people when I say "you know, Wholly-kneed Deb?". I think the best part is that you struck out and asked Dennis his "real" name. Once you "know" someone, you can never "un-know" them, right ?!
Thanks for the treasure !

M* (Melanie) said...

Rose, love the laundry story. It's great capturing moments like that and it's also comforting to know that we all share those kinds of moments with strangers all over the place. Had a funny moment in the lift this morning with a guy who catches my tram every day. He works in the same building as me and we never knew...

coconutannies said...

Sweet and full of odd stuff - just my kind of story!

An Evolving Artist @ said...

You have an interesting "take" on what you see. Thanks for sharing1

3rdEyeMuse said...

thank you times three ... one for the wonderful heads-up on the giveaway - soooooooooo sweet!, two for the great re-post & three for, "bottle caps, gingersnaps, buttons or rings, you can make families from all sorts of things" ... am thinking I MUST see it in person. :)