Monday, July 13, 2009

Eelwax Success!

The Show on Friday was great fun!

EELWAX JESUS has lived up to expectations as usual. And on top of that were funny, sweet, and all around the best band you could ever hope to love.

Our friends.

This is The Bavarian Weatherman/Mr.Shine/London Punk/Ian Jones/Mr.Rumple (Max Baker):

Here's Ignatz McGillicuddy (Lee Sellars):

Max and Lee started the whole shebang, do the majority of the vocals and all of the lyrics, and are my personal guardian angels.

And we missed him this time around, but here's David Helgarth (Paul Sparks) (these 3 photos nicked from the website, the rest are mine):

There was the all new Sister CB (Kate Guyton) also singing this time around, but I have no photos of her. Also in the band (and not to be mentioned lightly, as they all ROCK!) were Joe Flint (Michael Pemberton), Two Cups (Greg Gonzales), and the Man in a Gas Mask (Rob Sheridan). The wonderful Andrea Homan Pemberton provided astoundingly wonderous video projections throughout the entire show, on two screens no less!

And now, Pictures!

This is the sign for the cafe that is attached to the HERE Arts Center. There were lovely bartenders there that night.

Here's part of the set. You can see Esme (Margot White) onstage there. She spent the entire show ironing. I don't know how she did it with such a straight face. Clearly she's a great actress. She has a wonderful bit that she got to do as well. It really made her work as part of the show. I don't want to give that away in case they use it again.

Here's a terrible shot of me and friend Nick. Tall one came too but he's always pretty camera shy so I didn't get a shot of him. We sat in the front row. Good times.

Some assorted close-ups of the set that I snagged after the show.

I have to include the MENU because it was so well planned. You should all go out, buy all of their music, and make a playlist in this EXACT ORDER. It was fabulous.

Here are the album abbreviations that I used:

Great Defenders of the West (GDW)
Three (T)
Naptime for the Guru (NFTG)
Origami Monkeys (OM)

Song List:

Moon Pie Intro (NFTG) (currently available for free on their website)
Cameras in the Sky (GDW?)
Lucy (T)
Chop Down the Forests (NFTG)
Mr.Rumple (T)
The Clones are Coming (T)
Tricky Tricky (T)
Born in the 21st Century (? NEW)

Great Toaster Giveaway (someone won a toaster!)
Is This Another Love Song? (OM)
For a Moment I Forgot I was in America (T)
Next (NFTG)
One of Us will Kill You (T)
Genuine Emotion (OM)
Seems Like (? NEW)
I Want Everything (NFTG)

The Bavarian Weatherman (I think this was after the toaster giveaway but I'm not sure) (NFTG)

More fun from the show was the inclusion of Hello Redbird aka Rima Fand. She's not on any of the albums, but I've seen her play live with Eelwax at The Zipper Factory (when it was still up and running, sad face) and she was amazing then. Now she seems even more in tune with the band. I'm excited to see if they record any new songs for those of you who can't see them live to hear.

People I didn't mention who were part of the show: Lighting Design by Joel Moritz, Production Stage Manager was Jana Lancaster, Assistant Stage Manager was Nora Deveau-Rosen, Sound Engineer was Ken Feldman, Publicity by Nancy Hirsh Group and Teddy Getz.

It's fascinating to see people doing something this weird and fun, and then to accidentally catch them in a movie. You see, almost all of my eelwaxy friends are actors, in theatre and film.

You can look most of them up on IMDB or IBDB. Max is a pirate in one movie and a bug obsessed guy in another one. Lee was/is? a recurring judge on Law and Order. Paul was just in Hedda Gabbler on Broadway. You can keep your eyes peeled and see most of them hopping about, balancing being great performers with being a great band.

I'm sorry for ranting for so long about these guys. But really, they're great. Do yourself a favor and buy one of their albums from Itunes. You'll love it. I swear.

Start with Three. If you like it move onto Naptime for the Guru and then Origami Monkeys.


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Nick Simmonds said...

The show was absolutely brilliant, as expected. Thanks again for dragging me along. Next you have to come to Providence and see *my* friends' band.