Thursday, July 9, 2009


Friends, countrymen, random people;

So I have a cute little guy that I made when I was pining for some Woodlanders like this one by Astulabee.

And I honestly don't feel like he's finished. And I don't think I can finish him. He wants to live with someone else. He didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. And he's adorable, but needs someone to love him and make him some clothes or hair or something. He's little, around 12 inches tall (or around 31 cm). Made from Wool and polar fleece.

Here he is with Blue Bird from Astulabee. Astulabee is Nicole Licht. Here is her blog. And she is terribly awesome. Full of awesome goodness. Please go to her Etsy shop and buy something. It will be so worth it. The detail and love put into her creatures makes them glow with happy and Greatness. I need to do a post all about her one day.

So unfinished woodlander wannabee here needs a home. He's small enough that I can afford to post him to most places free of charge.

So. A giveaway.

I propose to give him to someone who would like to give him a good home. He can be altered, or not, whatever you want, he's yours to do stuff with.

There are two ways to get him.

One, leave a comment below promising to love him and take care of him and squeeze him and make him into even better ART.

Two, figure out a witty caption for this weird ad I saw on the subway on Tuesday. And post a comment with it below.

I love this photo. It cracks me up.

Winners will be chosen at the end of the month. You all have until the end of July. Do it! :D


PS: Extra credit will be given for comments that have a good art idea or make me laugh hysterically.

PPS: At the end of the giveaway I'll post that whole ad so you can see what it really says.


Chveya said...

Hi Rosemoo!
I think your little dude is darling. My little daughter who just turned 1 yesterday,(i can't believe she is 1 already) would love him alot. She is very fond of cuddling her dolls and animals and giving them big, wet open mouthed kisses. If he were to come live with us I would give him a little applique heart and I would listen to his requests for maybe a vest and some socks. ANd maybe a watch on a chain?
Also I believe that the caption means: Reserved seating for giants with sciatic nerve issues and those hiding erections.
thanks so much, I am heading over to Astulabee's Etsy site now. Have a great day!!!

Chveya said...

I might be inclined to sew fun fur onto his head and back and possibly give him nipples and a furry reproductive "area" and boots. But I guess it will depend on what he/she wants... ;)

notmassproduced said...

it's too early in the morning for me to think up a caption (let alone a witty one!). It would be hard to improve that little guy too. he's fab. I'm not good at looking after things so don't send him to me unless i could give him to my friend who would treasure him forever and let me see him as often as i like :o) I love those stictches :o) I also love your radiator!

Karen's Monsters said...

Oh I love your little woodland creature! I agree though that he needs some clothes, or maybe some feathers for some hair. Hope he finds a good home (you know I'd love him).

beefranck said...

I love him! :)

M* (Melanie) said...

He is beautiful and I'd love to give him a home. He would have my cuddles and the cuddles of two little girls who would also give him lots of love, dress him up and put him to bed. The big boys might not cuddle him but they would definitely look out for him and make sure he isn't picked on or bullied. There are two cats that might like to curl up next to him on the chair and also two rabbits that would sniff him and nuzzle him. We would make him a lovely home =D

coconutannies said...

Please forgive me but living in Florida and being taken(hostage mind you)to Disney several times a year, I cannot help but notice that your woodlander friend bears a striking resemblance to Mickey's cousin Ricky(3rd cousin I believe - on his mother's side). Few even know of him, poor guys forsaken even by his famous cuz(I think Mickey's too stuck up to admit he's related to a rat) Anyhow, I think he would look handsome with some ears, whiskers and a nice long tail...oh! and a bellybutton. But that's just me...
Hugs, Laura

3rdEyeMuse said...

I would love him and hug him and love him some more (and since nekked is ok in our house, he'd like just be given a hat).

and I truly wish my brain was set on clever today, but it appears not to be ... the best I can come up with,

"It's not easy being green".