Thursday, July 16, 2009

Buried Treasure

In the spirit of Seth over at The Altered Page blog, I am reposting one of my favorite entries from the darkness and depth of my blog. It's a good excuse to see what other bloggers love about their blogging, as well as maybe catch a entry you wouldn't have time to dig for on your own.

Here you go!

Friday December 5th, 2008

Feeling funny again while travelling on the train lately.

Having weird dreams.

Last night I was on a train, looking at the scenery. And there were huge scoops out of the ground. Big deep holes. It was scary. Adam told me in my dream that they were for salt mines, or maybe for subway tunnels. I don't remember. Later I dreamed about high schools and zombies and people getting upset at each other as society broke down.


I would blame my anxiety on my entire world changing this month and next, but everyone at work and home is a bit edgy and having trouble sleeping too, so maybe it's the weather or the stars or something.


Travelling into Manhattan in the morning (which I go through to get to South Williamsburg, Brooklyn) is different lately. I approach on an angle on the train, and the train turns, so I get a good north-looking-south view of Manhattan right before we cross the East River.

Today it looked like we live and work on the top of the world.

The sky was a pure, clean and clear blue. Dotted with full and creamy, clumpy, puffy white white clouds.

It looked like all these tall, pokey buildings were poking up into the sky, into the ceiling of the world. Up into the heavens.

I don't really have any good pictures of Manhattan, strangely. I've been here over three years. This photo though, does do my feelings about it a bit of justice. It captures a bit of the blue and clouds and wonder I feel when I turn certain corners in the city.

I guess I've never been much for photos of people. Most of my photos are of architecture or sky or animals or weird inanimate objects. And when I see Manhattan in my minds eye, it's not about the people. It's about the shapes towering and walking in the sky.

I picked up some more Ursula K LeGuin at the library. God I love libraries. I like to own books too, don't get me wrong. But libraries are free. And text and worlds and love and life being free is so important. I believe strongly that even if you have your own special books at home, they only live by being read. And that there's nothing sadder than shelves full of books who will never be read again. If you have your own books you must read them, or lend them, or pass them on. They shouldn't stay and turn to dust without being read.

So I picked up more Ursula K LeGuin. And she always puts me in a bit of a mood. She brings out the inner shaman, the inner strong woman in me. It's hard to describe, but when I read her fiction, especially her short fiction that is less sci-fi and more pseduo-cultural-anthropological I just get in a bit of a mood.

It's sort of good. And sort of odd.

I feel poetic. I feel as though it's easier to access my psyche, my inner words are no longer hiding from me. They spring to mind unbidden.

This morning poetry jumped to mind as we turned that corner and I saw Manhattan. Saw the fingers of everyone reaching into the sky. Saw the dreams and hopes and worries and fears and cares embodied by these sky scrapers. Sky reachers. Sky takers.

It's unspeakably strange to go from just moving and breathing and living to looking up at the city and feeling poetry. Being poetry.

It's too hard.

I realized the other day, with a start, that my favorite author is not HPL. I had thought he was for the longest time. Thought he was my author-savior. My permanent fixture. "Favorite Author". And then, with a start, I knew it wasn't him anymore.

If I had to choose one author whose works I could take to the moon, or a desert island, or wherever it is, it would be her.

I could live in her works forever.

HPL, though truly awesome in his power to take me to weird and interesting places, will never be able to capture the human soul the way that LeGuin can.

And that's why she's my favorite.

I wish I could meet her.

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notmassproduced said...

mmmm so u figured out how to re-post rather than just link to the treasure! This is captivating :o)

Rosemoo said...

Yeah. I went into dashboard and 'edited' the original post. But I didn't change anything, I just copied and pasted it. Even the photo came over! It was an experiment but it worked admirably. :D

Bea said...

Love trains, love poetry, love tall building and narrow streets, love your descriptions of things from dreams to books. Thanks for sharing. :)Bea

Anonova said...

Nice... I feel like I just visited part of a city on the opposite side of the continent from me. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

"Today it looked like we live and work on the top of the world."

What more could you ask for on any given day ?
Thanks for sharing your treasure !
Cheers !

Kerin said...

Wow-- I had very strong visuals from what you wrote. We live in such different worlds! I am in a very small town and it's cool to glimpse into your world. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

you have certainly made me want to share in this author's work. and in your work as well. cheers!

magpie said...

wonderful to discover you via buried treasure. your words allow me to, as you say about the train, approach at a different angle. it's instructive to see what is familiar to me in the words and eyes of others.

thank you for that.

note to self: rediscover Ursula LeGuin.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was by early, early this morning and had a chance to look around your colorful blog. I often wonder why people want to see photos of Wichita, KS when they can spend their time looking at yours!! Wonderful (and haunting) post.

KV Creative Designs said...

Taking the Buried Treasure tour! Your blog is lovely! I will explore some more. Thanks for sharing with us!
Artful Blessings,

Mar said...

okay sure helped me a bit today
i couldn't figure out this repost thing
i am SOOOOOO computer illiterate
i do well what i do and that is about it
i discovered you the other day
i hope you get less scarry dreams!

deb said...

I love Le Guin too, she never disappoints...

Studio Sylvia said...

Got to your blog via Buried Treasure. You have a creative take on the world around you. Your world is interesting and a different view to my city, Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for the opportunity to tavel for a short time on your train.

Studio Sylvia said...

Oops! Should be 'travel', in the last sentence.

Debrina said...

Nice creative take on the world around you. I've never been able to get into Le Guin for some reason, yet I love fantasy and sci fi...go figure!

Kelly said...

wow, such visuals. Really made me wonder if I should give NYC another chance. Strange dreams are always good for inspiration. Thanks for sharing this post.

Nick Simmonds said...

This is excellent; I need to dig further into the depths of your blog. Love Le Guin so much. Also, it reminds me that I haven't linked you to:

John said...

great post - treasure of thought and image - mid townm no - like the buses lined up

sue pieper said...

Living in a very rural area, you painted a great picture of architecture, made me recall memories of how much I loved walking into a library as a child, it was a magical place, smelling of old books, and oh so many words to be read! Thanks for sharing!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that image knocks my socks off ... thanks for bringing this thoughtful treasure back to the surface. :)

jennifer lorton said...

Your writing is so interesting and poetic. I really enjoyed discovering this buried treasure, thanks.

Rosemoo said...

Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! I need to get my boot over to the list and see everyone who participated!

Seth said...

Thanks for taking us on yout trip here! Quite an adventure and your description is really very engaging and creative. Glad you chose to be a part of the project!