Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wedding Pictures from the Chuppa/Mandap!

Whew! Wow! What a weekend!

If you've been following, this is what all that build up with the Chuppa/Mandap was all for!

For budgeting reasons tall one and I decided that I would be going down for the wedding of my highschool friend/pseudo-sister alone. So alone I went, packing an ipod and a ton of unfinished softies to work my magic on.

Anywho, the wedding was FAB-U-LOUS!

(Disclaimer: I loved going to this wedding, but I'm still fond of our quiet little run-away elopement style wedding. So don't think my enthusiasm for this one is shadowing our little marriage, it's just different.)

Imagine lots of lovely Indians, mostly if not all Hindi, and a load of Jews, and a load of Random and/or non-Religious, and mix it all up, add lots of great food, wine, and music in a beautiful space with lots of natural light, and you get the Wedding.

The Pundit said he was pretty sure this was the first time this kind of religious ceremony had taken place. I'm sure he was right. They did the important parts from both religions (which did take awhile, but was well worth it).


It was at this place. That top horizontal stripe is actually the Clerestory style windows that light up the inside:

There's the ceiling inside, lovely!

To give you an idea of how long the Wedding was, this is the morning light on the chairs and stage, later it's dark. See the Chuppa/Mandap! They've also wrapped the poles with fresh flowers. What a great touch.

The Groom totally rode in on a white horse. I stole a shot of it waiting:

I waited with the Bride inside while the Grooms family came up dancing to meet the Brides family. There was drumming. She's watching that ceremony in this shot. She looks so placid! Robin is beautiful!

Remember this?

Here's a shot of everyone onstage under the Chuppa/Mandap. There was a Rabbi and a Pundit. The Bride and Groom were onstage, their parents were onstage, and then we had people to hold each pole onstage as well. No one wore shoes. At one point there was a fire underneath the canopy (which is part of the Hindi Religious part). Apparently a lot of us were worried about it, but all went well.

I went onstage after the ceremony to sneak a shot of it still up. It was neat because later in the evening the lights from above made it glow.

Of course I had to snap a photo of their first dance as a couple. They're so cute together!

And so sweet. Loads and loads of people came up to me after the ceremony to complement me on the piece. I was so happy and giggly. And later when we took it down and folded it and I handed it to Robin and Raj to take home, I told them I could back it or change the size to be a blanket or piece of bedding. And his father came up and said that it was a treasure (no joke!) and that they should keep it as it was for at least awhile, because it was an important thing in their lives together.


I feel so lucky to be a part of their commitment to each other. And I wish them well in their future together!

Mazel Tov Robin and Raj!


M* (Melanie) said...

(Sorry I made a spelling error in my first attempt. I am a virgo)

A perfect ending to a perfect story about love, friendship and craft. Thank you Rose for sharing. It's been a beautiful journey.

Robin said...

Thanks so much Rose! These pictures are great. I'm totally stealing the photo you took of me.