Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sock Monkey Workshop, and Duckies!

So the first Sock Monkey Workshop was last night!

We had so much fun! Boys and girls even! Who says boys don't sew? Not me!

It was at The Voracious Reader, in Larchmont, NY. Bookstore Extraordinaire!

Here are some photos of the monkeys we made:

Aren't they just adorable?

There was so much response to even just the IDEA of the first one that we have already scheduled a second one next Tuesday. Whee! I'm looking forward to fixing some of the things that didn't go as smoothly this time for a faster, cleaner, better monkey experience. (Although everyone had so much fun it's hard to believe it could get better!)

Speaking of The Voracious Reader, I know that I work there, but really it's a fabulous book store! If you're in the area please drop on by! We sell craft books and I can help you choose one to get started on your own craft adventures. There's also a lovely cross-stitch oriented store right next door with millions of types of floss, and a natural paper store/collage-y/giftwrappy place, so you can do a bunch of craft trips in one.

So, sock monkeys, wonderful fun.

The next project is: Softie Rubber Duckies!

A wonderful, magical pair of people (mom and daughter) got very excited about the sock monkey workshop, and decided to have me come do a special softie workshop for a birthday party!

How awesome is that?

I of course immediately wanted to help a birthday party in need of crafting, and snatched up some spare yellow fleece and invented a new pattern. Then I ran into the city and bought more yellow fabric for duckies.

Meet Quackles!

This is her with her sister Quackers. Pre-outfit. (In the background is a lovely wedding present we received from this etsy shop. See it work here.)

Aren't they adorable?

I'm in love love LUURRVE!

They look like they're going to go on an adventure!

The theme of the birthday party is DUCKS. Well, ducklings away, we're all gonna make one of these! And time permitting we'll dress them up with little wings too!

Sorry I'm on an exclamation point trip. I'm just so excited about these workshops! :D

One of these days I'll actually post something other than crafts and give you all an update on me. :P Oh and PS this is my 71st blog post! How does time fly???

More soon.



Rachel said...

What a cool idea! That's really awesome that you're hosting sock monkey workshops :) A long time ago, I started making a sock monkey & right now he looks very sad. The mouth is crooked & if I can remember, he may have but one eye. Maybe not even that much. But I still love him!

Hope your next one is even more awesome!

notmassproduced said...

they're soooo cute :o)