Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Chuppa, really, the edges now

The binding fabric!

So I decided that the backing is just not in the works this time around. It will be lighter, easier to mount for the wedding, and honestly I don't think I have time to put one on. I figure if my friends really want a bedspread I'll do it after the wedding. That way I won't be on a deadline and won't mess it up! (The back is actually decently nice without backing fabric as well.)


I cut strips of the edging fabric. I decided to double it after doing some more sleuthing on binding online. It means it will be thinner than planned originally but much stronger for what it will be doing, which is holding itself up! I looked up how to make one long continuous strip. The internet is a great place for tutorials right now. Right angles go!

Tall one convinced me to sew ribbon into the seams to make it extra strong for support reasons. He's very smart that one. It did make it buckle a little bit (no give), but it will be very strong and it buckled neatly where I pinned it so it sort of looks like ruching.

I stitched the binding to the back, then pulled it round to the front so I could control the stitching better.

I'm still not quite done, I need to make the ties and do some detail work, but since I really only have one more set of several hours left for it, I think that's just perfect. Here it is thrown over the bed for scale. That's a Queen sized bed. Yeah. Queen.

Old zoom of idea for reference. I'd say the biggest changes are the binding color and the Star of David color. I just couldn't put poopy brown as the Star of David color! I like it better pale gold myself.

That's another thing. Maybe after the Wedding if we're gonna make it a bedspread or coverlet, we can alter the dimensions to actually FIT a bed. :D


I'm exhausted.


Nick Simmonds said...

This is really fantastic. If I ever know anyone who needs a chuppa, I will first confirm that they're not asking for a lollipop, and then I'll send them your way.

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Nick! :D