Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eelwax Jesus Live!!!! In July!!!! MUST SEE!

Eelwax Jesus is playing at HERE ARTS CENTER from the 8th through the 11th of July, at 8:30PM.

You heard me. FOUR NIGHTS!!!!

If I could afford it, I would go EVERY NIGHT! Each one! But sadly, super-fan that I may be, I cannot.

Friday though, I will totally be there. With bells on!

This is a band that comes the closest to perfection on the Rose-Scale that I've ever heard.

The songs are witty, catchy, bizarre, eclectic. And just all around fun (though not for the little ones).

It's hard to describe their sound if you haven't heard it. Watch the four minute music video I made if you can spare the time. It's got their song 'I'm Not a Pirate (It's Ok)' playing, from Naptime for the Guru album. Click here to go there. Song and Video are kid friendly.

Yes, that picture is Bacon, in space, with a Bazooka.

Some of my favorite lyrics from their songs:

"Your coat is beautiful
But you wouldn't let me touch you
You just looked at me,
and smiled
I could hear it raining,
a million miles away
These were our Chicago Days."
- Is This Another Love Song?, Origami Monkeys

"We were told
We were too crazy
Trains were always running too slow
Where were you?
When the monsters came out of their holes?
Where were you?"
- We Were Young, Origami Monkeys

"Look into an empty corner
Watch the carpet melt
A girl on a bike
looks precarious
At the end of a really good film.
A boy runs out and yells
-(Let Me Feed Your) Paradigm, Three

"So let's chop down the forests while we're at it
Let's kill as many species as we can
Let's destroy anything that's natural
And all
For the Glory of Man."
-chop down the forests, Naptime for the Guru

They are a bit David Byrne, a bit Tom Waits, a bit Oingo Boingo, but really, they're all around Eelwax Jesus. You can't lump them in with anyone else. They have their own sound that is very unique to them.

It's poppy, it's rock, it's alternative, it's intelligent. Their music can have a snap-fire wit, or reveal incredible depth of emotion. Often both at once.

I can't, really I CANNOT stress how important it is that you go see this show, at least one of the nights.

They are amazing! Witness the amazing-ness! Do it!

Do you like Jonathan Coulton?

Do you like Talking Heads?

Whatever your answer is, the reality is that you must GO SEE EELWAX!!!

(This is a stage shot from one of their performances at The Zipper).

Tickets available here. Scroll down that page and click Eelwax Jesus Show, it will take you to ticket buying goodness.

And I've been and worked at the HERE arts center a few times. It's newly renovated, and there's a groovy little bar you can drink at. Fun times and really easy to get too off of the A,C,E train in NYC.


Have fun!

Booze it up!

Watch awesome music!

Support the best band in the universe!

Once more, I appeal to you via Youtube. See this great video by MP7NYC of 'For A Moment I Forgot I was in America'. (Not Kid Friendly).

Brought to you by the Ministry of Self-Appointed Eelwax Guerilla Marketing Division.


PS: If you visit the blog, and come on Friday, send me a comment and we can meet in person! How cool would that be? :D


notmassproduced said...

wow u r their number 1 fan - u should be on commission :o) sounds fun

zukzuk said...

I'm very excited for you moo, it will be a great night for all I'm sure. I wonder if anyone reading your blog will meet you there? That would be cool, eh?

Loved the post about the Chuppa/Mandap and the ceremony and it was so great to see all the pics from your workshops. What ages were the children participating? I've started doing a bit of handstitching myself and I'm really loving it.


Rosemoo said...

NMP, I don't need a commission as long as they keep playing shows I'll be happy!

And Zukzuk the kids were mostly 8-9, though the workshops were for 8-12 year olds. They were so patient and willing to try brand new things. Most of them had never picked up a needle before!

Kids just keep amazing me.

Keep on handstitching, it's a skill I learned on my own, but there are lots of good handbooks out there. It's worth it.


zukzuk said...

I see from your store that you are away at the moment...

Have a wonderful time!