Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Projects I haven't shared yet and hey it's Mothers Day!

So many little and big projects going.

I have quite a few in process projects which is why I haven't shared much lately. I usually wait until they're done to share.

I made a baby Simon giraffe which of course got claimed immediately by the tall one.

I'm calling her Pinky. You can see her riding Simon.

I took the button I bought from Rivulette and made it into a nifty pin. It's sort of a squid thing. I'm liking it.

I'm working on a Barbie Redux project. Here she is so far. Just a teaser of her back. Ridges.

I won a little prize from Simply Robin's guest blogger Robin Fremer. She sent me some lovely cotton yarn. I'm knitting a gauge swatch to see what I should do with it. Here's my swatchy.

Arlee is quite nice and I commented on her blog so she sent me a set of nifty projects!

I've taken the tea towel thing and started a little cushion. I'm using it to test out some of her neat stitching techniques she displays on her flickr set.

Ursabob house, Herne the Hunter statue and Bird woman are all sort of hanging out. Petri Dish I attack now and again and I vow to finish before summer is over.

And of course I have the huge Chuppa Project going on that I will talk about soon. I need the Chuppa committee to decide on colors before I can start shopping fabric. I don't have much time to do it so that will occupy a lot of my time soon.

And Happy Mothers day to all mothers! :D



arlee said...

i am liking the start of the doilied shop towel :}

Rosemoo said...

Thanks moo! I will send you a hi res picture for your bloggy when I actually do something interesting on it. Right now it feels like a larvae.

I love how soft and comfy it is!

steph said...

neato squid thingy!

Karen's Monsters said...

I love the squid pin thing! Well actually all your projects look fun.

zukzuk said...

You've been busy with so many projects - and look, now you are a married person too!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

Big, fat, juicy congratulations!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

You are so very creative! Where do you get all that energy? I love the giraffes!!