Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Chuppa Goodness

It continues.

I got a lot more done on Chuppa/Mandap on Friday. There's more but these are the photos I have of the Star of David part.

Hard fabric to work with but lovely!

It's a great pale gold color.

To do the Star I referenced my scale drawing for the width of the strips, then cut them out. Then I hemmed them all along the lengths.

Then I pinned them down after doing some fancy a squared, b squared, c square maths to make sure I was getting equilateral triangles. Pythagoras go!

Then I painstakingly sewed the whole thing down by machine. Hours and hours and hours.

But lovely!

I finished the tips of the star later by hand because I didn't want to flub them up.

Hand for scale, this thing is HUGE!

Near the end of the day the sun came out and made it look shiny and beautiful.

This is gonna be great. Soon, the tree!


M* (Melanie) said...

This is one incredible project. So much work. It is looking amazing

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Melanie!

I'm having a lot of fun with it. I wish I could work with silk and taffetta more often.

arlee said...

Rose, simply wonderful!

Kit Gage said...

The sample fabrics were clearly gorgeous, but it's so much more delight to see it coming together as a whole. It will be amazing in place. I have the poles, the stands and have ordered flower garlands to go down the poles - yellow and red flowers with lots of greenery.

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Kit! It sounds like it's going to be beautiful. I'll need to snap some photos for blog land so you can all see it when it's done!

Robin said...

Looks awesome! I'm so excited!

ZenCrafter said...

Wow, what a gorgeous, monumental project! Thanks for showing your process, especially the math (I laughed out loud b/c of a math nightmare I had last night!) and the difficulty of working with the gorgeous but heavy fabrics. Can't wait to see the final result!