Friday, May 29, 2009

Chuppa Tree makes an impact

I'm flying through this project. And yet I know it's taking me hours. I'm so worried I won't get it done in time that I'm just throwing hours at it.

I need to find someone to commission me to make more of these! :D They're a lot of fun!

Anywho, there's a lot going on to make the tree. I decided to do it right I would need to make a pattern and lay that on top of the finished piece as is. Then I could do any altering I wanted to do on the branches BEFORE I cut them out of fancy fabric.

So I took some tissue paper I'd been hoarding from random other projects (The Coloring all of our windows with Theatrical Gel Project, which I never showed you but is TOTALLY GREAT! Virtual Stained Glass! Someone remind me to mention that one day) and taped it together to make a big piece large enough to sketch the tree on.

Then I gridded my little scale drawing, and gridded the tracing paper.

On to the sketching!

Then I set it down on the quilt and eyed it up. I ended up only altering one thing, one little branch needed a new angle.

So then I set it on my brown fabric upside down, traced it out and realized something I hadn't really thought about. Her lines went vertically, and some of the branches go horizontally. So I didn't trace those on the main trunk, I cut those branches off of the trace paper, ran them vertically to match. Ta dah!

So I cut her out, pinned her all up, and laid her down. Then I pinned her to the star and set about hand stitching her down. I suppose I could have machine stitched her down, but I was worried about all her wubbly bits. So I hand stitched the entire circumference of the tree.

Whooo! Took awhile.

Sorry some of the photos have odd coloration. I take some at night and some during icky lighting. I'll get some good final shots in good light I hope.

I still have to decide if I'm backing it (will be nice if they ever use it as a blanket/bed piece, but make it heavier to put up for the event itself) and do the edges with the fancy fabric. AND do the ties that will hold it to the poles.




arlee said...

WOWSWERS Rose, that is really a phenomenal undertaking and you are doing great!

Cynjon said...

It's lovely, Rose~

zukzuk said...

I just finished a sock and that felt epic - I can only guess what it would feel like to take on and complete a project of that magnitude.

It will feel pretty wonderful on the day though won't it!

Have a groovy week,

Rosemoo said...

Thanks y'all! I can't wait to finish it!