Friday, May 8, 2009

8 Things, another meme

I usually hate meme-y things. They remind me of chain letters. Which remind of a terrible thriller series I read as a teenager.

Anyway, this one actually seems fun. I was tagged by ninon (I'm pretty sure her name is Tania but you know how the internets go).

Frankly, I'm just excited that ninon (aka Tania maybe) knows who I am! She makes the most splendiferous creatures! Oh man they're great. I want one so badly. I have promised myself that before I die I will get one of her softies. :D

Here's a sneak peak at Magma Asniov. Probably the coolest boyfriend I've ever had. Although he doesn't know I exist.

Anyways. Here's my answers to the meme thing. I will participate but I decided not to tag anyone. These things get out of hand quickly!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
-our honeymoon
-finishing my barbie redux
-the results to who got into mortal plush
-making a chuppa for my friends wedding
-going to my friends wedding
-August camping trip
-Possibly hosting a sock monkey making workshop!
-The next live Eelwax Jesus concert

8 Things I did yesterday:
-watched a Wallace and Gromit movie
-made corn, bbq chicken and salad for dinner
-worked on my barbie redux entry
-worked on a vampire pig creature
-fixed my sewing machine (again)
-did the dishes
-sifted through more emails
-bought a cool book

8 Things I Wish I could do:
-time travel (without creating too many paradoxes)
-Make more money doing what I love
-Meet H.P. Lovecraft (he's dead, long dead)
-Meet Ursula K. LeGuin (not dead but far away and busy writing books) and have tea with her!
-Collaborate on a great project with really talented people that doesn't make me feel like my soul is being sucked out through my skull
-Get a dog for the tall one cause he wants one so badly

8 Shows I Watch:
These are not current as we don't have a tv. We watch reruns and dvd collections of tv shows. So here are some of those (some of these I watch alone cause he doesn't like them).
-Moral Orel
-Ergo Proxy
-I Love Lucy
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Star Trek The Next Generation
-Invader Zim

No tag backs cause I don't like playing chain mail. Although I just did so there.





ninon said...

hello and thanks for anwering! me too I was kind of feeling guilty by taggin other people, as I don't know you, but it took me quite a while to go through all of it, eheh, but, anyway, that was fun! thanks again for the nice words about my creatures! Mr. Magma is also one of my fav and I will be a bit sad the day he would leave me...

Rosemoo said...

It was fun to do! And I can't help but love your little Monstris. They're so great!

As long as he leaves you to live with me I'm happy. Otherwise I will weep. :(

Thanks for tagging me Ninon!