Friday, April 17, 2009

Secrets and spring

Sorry for the long absence.

A lot has happened in the last week.

I'm sitting on a pseudo secret that I'm dying to share with the world. Soon I will share with you all.

On Wednesday I managed to fail my first drivers license test. I didn't hurt anyone or do anything dangerous, but I did fail.


I will try again soon. Hopefully the next time I won't have such a crazy case of the nerves. I'm a good driver now that I've been practicing a lot, but I got really nervous and it threw my game.

I'm working on the second munky video again, after a year long break! I'm hoping to finish it soon but I make no promises. The munky videos are of course my mini marketing campaign to get everyone to fall in love with Eelwax Jesus. The first one can be seen here.

And I sold an original art piece to someone lovely in Belgium! I'm going to put it in the post today. How exciting is that?! I hope it arrives safely. I once sent a stuffed softie to a small island country off the coast of Madagascar that I'm not totally sure exists and it arrived just fine! So let's cross our fingers and hope this one does too.

The cherry blossoms just opened up down the lane, though a few trees aren't open, quite a few have gone full flood. I love when they just open up, and I'm always sad when they leave their little puddles of pink on the ground around them.

Here's a photo from last spring curtesy of the photo stylings of the taller half. I don't know what plant this is. I think it was a tree.

We're hoping to hit the Bronx Botanical garden again one of these days and see what's gotten to opening down there.

I am working on a submission to the Barbie Redux thingy. I think it will end up being fairly Lovecraftian. I hope she comes out the way I want her to.

And I didn't use a Barbie in this project, but my art doll robin creature is both a bit on hold and making progress. Here's a new shot of her head. I'm torn between leaving her as is and doing a lot more detail all over her.

So I suppose, as spring is supposed to be, lots of things are changing, blooming, failing and renewing.

I'm excited for this next year, and I hope to spend more time outside this spring and summer than I did last year.

Happy spring to all!



beefranck said...

You will do better the next time you take the test. I know it.

You have a lot of exciting things happening! Very cool! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Rachel said...

Your pregnant. That's the secret, isn't it. I knew it!

Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. And anyone else who reads this comment. It's cool. Just tween the girls, ya know?

Rosemoo said...

hah! I've been accused of being quite Juno-like. :D

I'm not telling until I gets to post it for reals.

Any more guesses?

MaMa said...

I know but I'm not tellin eefer!

Loulouandoscar said...

I may be guessing correctly!!!! Just been over to the re-designed site and I love it, must have been an incredible amount of work. Adam failed his test 3 times due to nerves, he is an excellent driver, it is better the second time you know what to expect, so much to catch up with and an overdue email, i'm mail blocked but not ignoring, think of you a lot, am preparing *that* gift!!! Not store bought!!!!!
I need you to bake me a cake Miss Moo.
Love and kisses through the ether to you,

Rosemoo said...

Yeah. I was a bundle of nerves. I don't know what I was so worked up about really. I can just take it again!

I will see about getting that cake recipe together for everyone.



Mary-Laure said...

Oh come on, what's the secret?

Seth said...

So sorry about the driving test but it seems like everything else in this post is wonderful! Congrats on the sale. No guesses on the secret...but I do look forward to hearing.