Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Secret is out. We're married!

I can finally tell the world.

We got married!

It was tax day (April 15th), and we did it!

It wasn't really a secret as much as we wanted to make sure we told all of our family members (or at least sent them an email or a postcard) before telling the 'net.

I guess that makes sense. But really I wanted to just jump to a rooftop and scream to the world asap!


I still feel that way! I'm so in love with this tall monkey!

We went to the local New Rochelle Courthouse and got married by the mayor! Cliche maybe but quite fast and easy. A clean and simple wedding. Good for our small pocketbooks. We want (well mostly me) to do a small family-and-friends meet other family-and-friends party of some sort, but we're waiting until we have a more stable bank account and space to do it in (three years down the line maybe?).

Honestly it would have been fun to have some sort of little party or something, but we couldn't really afford to have anything large, and if we did it small we'd inevitably be leaving someone or other feeling left out. So best to avoid the problems that Sleeping Beauty ran into and have no angry fairies.

Here are some photos of our venture. We imported a friend from NYC to be our photographer/witness/awesomeness (and since we DID legitimately need her services we didn't feel like that was part of the angry fairy problem). Kendra is great and took lovely photos with my little camera.

Noam reading us the ceremony. (Look we're in the stripey club!)

We got to recite our vows to each other.

We're married now!

Waiting for the paperwork.

Leaving the courthouse, married!

The munkys are celebrating! ;D

PS: Taking my driver's license test and failing it that morning did put a bit of a damper on the day, but otherwise it was lovely. We got a bit schnookered on champagne and made pizza for dinner.

I'm still amazed that in my college class I'm the first married one. Or at least I'm pretty sure I am. There are a few people I've lost touch with. Let me tell you, I always figured Kendra or Claire would be first. There's no telling what Fate will do to you!

Low key fun!


PPS: If you're a close friend or family member of either me or the taller one and didn't get an email or postcard pop me an email and I'll add you to our list! Better late than never!



Rachel said...

Congrats!!! That's awesome news! Marriage is so much fun, especially when you marry the right person :)

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Rachel!

I've known Adam is the one since date two!


M* (Melanie) said...

I feel a bit weird commenting cos essentially I am a stranger/blog follower from the other side of the world (australia) but congratulations! Not only is it a beautiful day for you, but it's a beautiful story and it really put a happy fuzz on my day. I wish you all the best

astula said...

so lovely! you two are so sweet...!

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Melanie And Nicole!

Melanie I lurk on other people's blogs all the time and I figure we're all friends here.


Thanks for the love!

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

This is so wonderful news! The best of today!

The Fab Miss B said...

Hooray! Congratulations to you both and LOVE the stripey shirts! The perfect touch!

steph said... guys are ADORABLE. congratulations!!! I am so happy for you. Way to go being the one to propose + having the guts to have a small ceremony.

I wish you two peace and blessings for ever and ever.

big hug!

bubbles said...

I'm soooo happy for you both !!! I hope to get back one day and see you all....Mother/Grandma is so happy I know!!!!
Love and kisses and lotsa positive energy to you both!!!! :- )

Rosemoo said...


ninon said...

wow, congratulations Rosemoo! you both look SO SO SO happy in these pictures!!

I tagged you!
just do it if you feel like it :) bye

Diana said...

Happy Rose! Happy Adam! Happy day!

notmassproduced said...

hey - congratulations - i'm liking the stripey wedding thing :o)

Cynjon said...

I think I said congrats over on Flickr, but in case I didn't...congrats!

Oooh, I love her little guys!

Maybe we should start a LeGuin Stalking Group? I can think of several others who would join us! just reminded me that my mom got me the complete Invader Zim collection for Christmas...and I have no idea where it's at. Hmn....