Friday, April 24, 2009

Rivulette is great aka more shameless fandom

So I know I haven't said enough about Rivulette aka Stephanie McKay. She is one of my main etsy crushes lately.

Rivulette has a website, an etsy shop and a blog and a flickr stream.

She has her own lovely studio that she painted herself (a great shade of orange!) and she dyes and spins her own wool blend yarns.

She also does lovely lampworking and makes glass beads and buttons and teaches beadmaking.

She is sunny and wonderful. Every interaction I have had with her is joyous and sweet! And her yarns knit up so well and so comfy! They always come with a little sachet of lovely smelling herbs that make opening up my yarn extra special.

Look at these great glass buttons!

I just bought myself her calico yarn (and one of those great buttons) as a present to myself. And she made the wonderful 32 flavors yarn that I made into scarves and hat and arm warmer (remember this blog entry?).

Here's a picture of my newly knitted up spring scarf in the Calico. I might have to buy myself some more.

She's great. If I had loads of money I would just commission her to make me great stuff all the time!

So spend money at her shop. Go! She's about to be featured in Knit.1 Magazine, so snap up your yarns before they're all gone!




steph said...

ohmygoodness, Rose! STOP IT! you're making me blush.

no seriously, this is the SWEETEST blog post anyone has ever written about me and I am absolutely FLATTERED.

THANK YOU, darling Rose!

Rosemoo said...

Well you are super awesome!


Nick Simmonds said...

Heh. I'm reading this at Stitch 'n' Bitch, and someone watching over my shoulder just begged me to e-mail that Etsy link. And I did.