Monday, April 6, 2009

Emergency Pants, Do you have some?


I am currently addicted to a podcast. It can be a bit dirty sometimes, so I wouldn't recommend it to children, but everyone else needs to listen to this. Cynjon and Heather, I'm calling you out. I think you'd love this. It's awesome.

There are two friends (and sometimes guests) talking. It sounds boring but no.

This is the funniest stuff I have listened to in a long time. I have guffawed on the subway while listening to this. And yes I laugh out loud, but usually not when listening to my little travel podcasts.

I feel as though I have two new best friends, only they don't know me and I've been hiding in another room listening to them have a good time. Something like being a stalker who just goes to someones house when they hang out once a week and laughs at all their jokes while hiding in the dark outside their window.

Or maybe it's everything I love about This American Life, only not planned or scripted, not heavily edited, and always hysterical.

No. It's more like hiding next to the window.

They start with episode 7, there was an accident and there are no episodes 1-6. That's ok. Start with 7, make your way through the rest.

I downloaded mine through Itunes but you can go to their site and download them from them.

Emergency Pants

I have been ploughing through their archives. I started listening on Saturday and it's Monday and I'm up to Episode 18. Yikes.

I might need to slow down.

Too much emergency pants.

No. Never too much. Too funny. Too too funny.

Listen to a few. I think episode 9 slash 10 might be my favorites, but I'm loving them all.

The best part is that it is making me a bit of a five year old. People say ordinary things now and I just start cracking up. Oh man.

I know, I'm babbling. Go listen.



Kelda said...

Right, you convinced me. Emergency Pants is now the third podcast to go on my list, with This American Life and Planet Money.

Rosemoo said...

One convert! Yes!

beefranck said...

Rosemoo, you are too sweet. :) I'm so happy you like the podcast, and your fan art has made me ridiculously happy. ^_^

Rosemoo said...

As long as I never achieve 'barista' status I'm happy to be a fan.