Friday, March 20, 2009

Walkabout New Rochelle


I feel so good!

I just took a walk around New Rochelle. I had to post something for the tall one, and I had an overdue library book to return.

Sometime after I was putting on my shoes and before I left the apartment/house, I decided to give myself an assignment. I brought my little digital camera and took photos of textures, patterns, and general New Rochelle.

I don't know why those were the categories I invented but it worked out quite well.

I think my assignment was an A+!

(The first photo above has the hideous Trump tower in it. Yes we have a Trump Tower in New Rochelle, NY)

Here are some examples:

A telephone on the corner of Huguenot and North Ave. I think it's from the 40's. I love it

The HSBC bank on the same corner. It has this beautiful/weird old style to it. I can only imagine how cool downtown New Roc looked when more of the buildings looked like this.

I couldn't help myself, I kept taking phone pictures after that first awesome yellow one.

Rust on the gates in the back of the post office.
A wall somewhere.

This weird bicycle shop has great polka dots all over it on Main street.

Rust on a post office box.

There are so many more, but I can't possibly post them all.

I mostly took the texture and pattern shots so when I poke around in Photoshop more I have an image library to pull from. I hate borrowing images online, even if they're listed as 'free', so whenever I can use my own photos I do. I might end up posting a bunch for free for other people to use if I ever can muster up some cash to actually get a real flickr account. Until then, this blog can house them.

I feel good! Usually I sit around the house all day when I don't have work. I make art, but I still sit in the house. My muscles are all jumpy and happy that I went for a walk. And it really feels nice outside even if it's only 42 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

PS: Can you tell from these photos that it was snowing really hard this morning? Neither can I.



Cynjon said...

Gold star for you!

Rosemoo said...

Thanks Cynjon! :D

Sylvie Van Hulle said...

You took wonderful pictures and I can feel your energy here in Deinze, Belgium ;-)
You inspire me! Good idea to collect your pictures to use as backgrounds! Will think of it too.
Thanks for posting this!

The Fab Miss B said...

LOVE those polka dots! So unexpected and fun!

steph said...

I've been wanting to do something similar in burlington. there's so many cool things that I notice walking around and would love to document...thanks for the inspiration! i am loving that old phone!

Rosemoo said...

I'm glad to inspire! It's really soothing to actually 'see' the things you see everyday. Of course it helps when it's nice and warm outside!