Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tutorial on mini houses: Part Deux

Ok. So you've made the bottom part of the house. If you haven't made that, then look at my last post.

So we're on step deux, the top part and decorating.

You'll need the supplies from yesterday. Plus I forgot to mention an empty toilet paper tube will be helpful.

Step 1:

While your bottom dries, you can work on the roof. I decided to leave the little pull tab bit on the top of my roof so that it was actually recognizable as a milk carton container. If you wish you can cut that part off, or alter the base roof shape in any way you like. Now is the time to do that, as it will be harder to do later.

Step 2:

First, set your top piece down on its bottom over your cardboard scrap, trace it and cut that piece out. I taped it onto the top piece on four sides so I wouldn't have to worry about it shifting around. You could also hot glue it in place if you like.

Step 3:

I like to have a small chimney on my house. I took an empty toilet paper tube and cut it down the vertical side. Then I chopped that in half. Rolling one of those pieces I glued it in my opening and put a piece of tape in the middle to keep it from moving around.

Step 4:

It's not as easy to cover the top as the bottom. I cut a few different sized scraps and used those to fill out the weird little transom insert things in the roof. Make sure to overlap all the bends in the roof, you will cover those later. Make two little scraps to cover the sides of the stick-up part as well. Like last time use your clean dry brush to smooth all bubbles.

Step 5:

Take your outside paper and cut a long piece a bit less wide than the tab on the top. Put a bit of glue on the side with the chimney and spread it thin. Glue the paper to that. Then spread glue all over the other side thinly. Fold the paper down and carefully smooth out all bumps. Trim the end of the paper so it just folds down over the edge and glue it down.

Step 6:

Cover the chimney. I put a piece around the top first, folding it in, and then did the vertical piece. I added a piece of trim to cover the seam between them. It got a bit bumpy and weird but I decided I liked that about it. I also left a bit of the bottom unfinished as I decided it would be easier to fix with paint than collage over it.

Step 7:

It's sort of a pain to finish off the side with the chimney, but you can do it. I fudged the pattern at this point. Try your best to do it with only two pieces, cutting half circles in them to accomodate the chimney piece.

Oops! Step 7.5:

Trace the bottom of your roof from the inside paper, cut out a square a bit smaller than that, and cover all your nasty bits on the underneath side of the roof!

So now the bulk of the piece is done.

Step 8:

Add paint where you want to touch up edges. You might want to wait for the piece to fully dry before you do this. I didn't. I painted black around the chimney, and added black vertical lines inside the house to cover my bad seams. :D

Step 9:

Cut out details and apply them. This step is totally up to you. I wanted this piece to look like a house, so it has a bush, windows, and a door with a number on it. Use the same technique with the glue and brush, using only thin layers. I cheated and painted glue directly onto my house, knowing that my final layers would cover that.

Step 10:

Wait impatiently for the whole house to be fully fully dry. I left mine out overnight.
Then paint it at least once completely with clear poly acrylic. It should seal the piece and make it impervious to water damage. I recommend two coats but you don't have to do two if you don't want to. Do them in stages, letting it dry fully so each time you are setting down the roof or the bottom it is not wet where it touches the table.

Let it all dry and Voila!

It's done!

My little Pippi and her burble (by etsy seller Kitlane ) for scale purposes.


joshua said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Rosemoo said...

Thanks Sarah/Joshua. It's nice to hear kind words from strangers!