Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm feeling Spring, around the corner. Lurking.

I want it to be warm outside.

I hate the heat, but I crave sixty degree farenheit days.

Days when I can wear a light jacket, and cropped pants and fun socks.

Days where light layers are snuggly and warm without being hot or confining.

Days when we can finally open all the windows and let all this winter house smaug out into the world.

(Yes, Smaug, like the dragon).


I really wish I had a little garden I could putter in. It feels like planting and growing time, even though I've never had more than a green pinky nail.

I want to be closer to the seasons.

I want to have a backyard I can go lie down in the grass in and feel comfortable and safe.

No 'keep off the grass' signs there.

I'm a hermit by nature. Left alone, I'll stay in the house indefinitely.

It's a bad habit, because I really like nature, and wandering aimlessly.

I hated being poor and lonely in London when I was there, but I had the best ever aimless walks when I had a day off.

Wandering about, I would stumble on beautiful buildings from the sixteen hundreds or so.

That's really just not going to happen in New Rochelle, NY.

I remember finding Hampstead Heath, and just milling about.

I still have great old fashioned print photos of my travels in London. I guess I should upload them to my flickr one day.

I want to do that here actually. Mill and photograph.

But to mill, I need to be motivated to leave the house.

And lately I just want to make things in my studio.

Maybe we'll go out this weekend, and get some of this cabin fever out.

Take a hike somewhere...

Breathe in the end of winter, and hold our breath until the spring comes.

The birds are singing.

It's almost here.

Welcome, Spring.



littlebird said...

chin up, spring really is just around the corner :
(now that i have said that, it will rain for 3 months solid here in Scotland!)

Rosemoo said...

Actually it's been lovely here for the last two days. Yay!

Hopefully it will grace you with its spring power soon.



Cynjon said...

Here's to the arrival of Spring! I feel for you on the cabin fever thing...all too familiar with it!