Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cardboard fun

I love cardboard.

It's recyclable, and can be made into almost anything.

And it's free!

So great.

I always feel a bit silly working with cardboard, but it's sort of 'the craft manna of the gods'.

We had an overstock of cardboard from a recent purchase by the taller one. So I decided to make it into something.

Behold, the wall I can draw on! I'm calling it the Graffiti wall, inspired by all the delicious nonsense going on at the altered page and friends.

I will put things on this wall, and doodle on it, and make it mine!

I love having things I can destroy in a creative way.

I have begun already.

When I'm done I can recycle it, or cut it into squares and make new things with the already collaged/drawn upon/painted upon pieces. Not sure what I will do with it yet. I guess time will tell.

My favorite thing on the wall so far is the frog hat/mask I want to make one day but probably won't. It's pretty green and fabulous. I think you can see it pretty clearly in this photo.

Then, from more of the same giant cardboard, I made a new fabric holding device.

I hate having a box full of fabric I have to sift through when I want to make things. Now I have a display device!

Now. I know. It's totally ghetto and I could definitely make something much better with a shop and tools and wood. Or with a credit card and a catalog.

But I don't currently have a shop and tools and wood. Or a particularly happy juiced up credit card. And the problem needed to be solved. This will work for now.

From the side view you can see that I have an access panel to get to the fabric if I want to pull something out. And I've stacked some small boxes of fabric scraps on top. There's some heavy stuff hiding inside to hold it all down.

And this is what passes for clean right now in my studio.

Behold the terror of the clean studio table.

There's a lot going on on this table. Here's a link to what all of it is. Or most of it anyway.

I still have more cardboard. Ah, the delight of raw materials in their brown form of goodness.

I can't tell you how many things I've made from cardboard over the years.

Entire set pieces, props and a suitcase to name a few. I've made waves for a puppet show, and clouds to hang on walls. I made all the props for my munky music video from cardboard and sharpies.

It's lightweight and awesome.

If only trees didn't have to die to make it.

At least I'm repurposing it to something fun, and not just tossing it out.

Now I've never needed any help assembling cardboard, but this guy cracks me up. He's 'invented' bolts to assemble cardboard playthings! More power to you Mister McGroovy.

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poemhome said...

trees never really die if we sucseed to make them into something treemendous