Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Doll

I have been thinking and working and doing the same things I normally do lately. There are a lot of things in my near future. Marriage. Drivers License test. Lots more....

But there's always time to relax and make art. Or, well, there should be, so there is. Just not always time to write regular blog posts.

I just passed my 55th blog entry. And I have 50 items in my etsy shop (and five sold, so really fifty five is the total). Not sure what 55 means, but I like it. I'm going with it. Fifty five!

Here's me making a face. I have a hard time smiling without looking goofy. So I usually smirk. Here's my smirk. It's kind of goofy too I guess.

I just got a new hair cut last night. It's nice to have nice crisp hair again. It won't last for long though, since I'm notoriously bad at maintaining haircuts. Sometimes I miss having really really short hair. I could do absolutely nothing more than just wash it and it actually looked fabulous.

Ah, the butch days.

I have a WIP going. In the spirit of the Toronto Craft Alert's recent 'Get 'Er Done' giveaway, I pulled an old project out of my box of unfinished art.

On the left you see my favorite creature, the Man-equin. He never really got a real name, but I adore him.

And on the right you see my attempt at making him a frankenstein bride.

They're both either sculpy or super sculpy creations. I made them in many pieces and then stitched them up with fabric scraps.

I never really ended up liking her head, but I thought it would be sacrilegious to pull it off and make a new one. So I put her in a box and forgot about her. It's been over a year, maybe several.

Now I'm making her into a sort of Egyptian goddess/kachina doll thing. With elements of Batman.

I don't know what she is. But I'm liking her. I'm going to do more beaded details I think on her inside costume. My idea is that she's grey when she's folded her 'wings' over her, but when she dances and moves she's a burst of hidden color. (Not that she will, but if she was alive she could.)

She's kind of like all the happy spring birds I'm seeing everywhere. When the robins get agitated they hop away from me, and only show their grey backs. Then when they realize I'm not going to hurt them they flip around and show me their beautiful orange/red bellies. I'm definite that they are influencing this character. They're everywhere right now, pulling worms out of the ground, stamping their feet, and singing happy Robin songs.

She's not really for anything. I'm not sure where she'll go when I'm done. Probably just up in the Etsy shop. Too bad i can't just dust her with the Powder of Life from one of the Oz books. That would be the best solution. She could fly off and do her own thing somewhere. Like the Gump.

Return to Oz is such a great movie. And a decent song as well. Here's a fairly decent mashup music video of the Scissor Sisters song with clips from the movie.


Nick Simmonds said...

I so want the Powder of Life. I would never stop making new friends. Well, I'd probably stop when I ran out of powder, but still. I'd just slap collections of things together and see what attributes the resulting creature had.

More than anything, I'm just curious what exactly the rules are to the Powder. How big do the wings need to be in proportion to the body so that it can fly? if I give it a bigger head, is it smarter? Would extra legs make it faster? What if I give it multiple heads? What if they were from different creatures?

I should probably just play Spore.

littlebird said...

congrats on your 55th post!
and also nice haircut : )

(p.s. your word verification is vallypoo not sure if why but it made me laugh )

Rosemoo said...

Lol Nick, yes. Spore sounds like a perfect game for you!

Thanks Littlebird! Vallypoo sounds like a strange place to go visit. Make sure you bring your gas mask. :D

steph said...

cute haircut! so neat and tidy.