Thursday, February 26, 2009

Super Fun Pocket Coloring Book #1, get your creative juices flowing!

So I had one of those 'I have an idea and now must put it into action within 24 hours or I might explode' sort of days yesterday.

This happens to me more than I'd like to admit.

I had trouble sleeping on Tuesday night I was so excited about my idea.

And now, Thursday morning, the idea is a reality.

I made a fast, silly, wild little coloring book. Actually I made two but the second one isn't totally done yet.

The first one is finished, and ready to download and print from your home computer.

You need to go to my flickr stream to find all six images, and then print them back to back. If this is far from the day I posted this, go to my flickr stream and then find my group 'coloring book pages'. They should all be there.

My idea was to make something that was part silly and fun, part useful, and part inspiration. I haven't colored in coloring books for years and years but I used to have a lot of really intricate ones that were so beautiful I had trouble coloring in them.

I love the idea of an easy to print, tote about, doodle thing. Something not precious, that you will be wishing you could 'do over' a page. Something you can trash and still love. And honestly, something that is fun for all ages.

So it's free, and fun, and I would love if you print one and color it in and share your interpretations with me! I have started a group on flickr just so we can all see what we felt like coloring in for each page. I might do some collage in mine as well!


Here are the directions from my flickr images:

If you would like a free coloring book, find all six pages of this book on my photostream. They are double-sided, so when they're printed you should have three 8.5 inches by 11 inches sheets of paper. Page Six matches Page five and so on.

Then fold them in half horizontally, cut them out, and stack them in order.

They are numbered with roman numerals, so just make sure you have a cover, and pages I, III, V, VII and IX in order.

Fold vertically and using fancy staple powers, staple twice along the spine.


Post your finished pictures to the group coloring book pages that I admin for so we can all see your fabulous great work!

I hope you all join me and make coloring a new adult thing to do!


PS: For those of you who don't wish to print them for yourselves, I'll be offering a fairly cheap pre-printed alternative on my etsy site. I figure they're free to print, but if it's a hassle, or too much of a pain, I still want you to be able to participate!

I'm making mine a little bit harder to color by restricting myself to a set of 10 crayola magic markers and a red pen. It definitely makes coloring less 'precious'.

Let's play together!

PPS: Feel free to spread the love and the word! They're free!


Sylvie Van Hulle said...

Very good idea, I'll try to do the coloring if I find time, but can't promise.
Thanks a lot for your very sweet comment on my blog. It really warms my heart.

Cris Melo, of said...

I'm stealing that Lovecraft quote for my fave quotes page. I love it!

The Fab Miss B said...

Charming idea! Grown ups don't do nearly enough coloring!

lynne h said...

this is so cool rose... i always like to come here. : )

Rosemoo said...

Thanks all! :D