Monday, February 2, 2009

Shell house

Are you all sick of the shell house yet? I know Adam must be. I talk about it all the time.

Here is another picture of the house, new paint job. The inside has all new paint, and the outside has some shading added.

I've done more research on how shells this shape actually form, and have some ideas on how to do a few more paint treatments to get it to look right. Soon I will have time for that but secret project is taking up a lot of time this week.

Isn't Pippi just the cutest sitting in there?!

I think that the floorboards/rafters will be made of pencils. I haven't decided what the actual flooring will be. Cardboard would be easiest, but it doesn't fit in with my whole concept involving the bobs making the interior themselves. What would make good flooring over pencil joists that could be found on the ground?

I might just do a sort of paper mache thing again, as though they've scrounged scraps of paper and used them to make the floor. Or pull a 'Borrowers' moment and find blotting paper. Not that blotting paper would be easy to find in a garden....

I think I've mentioned this, but my base concept for this house is that it is a found item. The bobs found an abandoned, empty shell, and decided to repurpose it for their home. Which means the shell should be natural and real ish looking, and the rest of the interior should be found items a la 'The Borrowers'. So I'm thinking that pencils would be easy to find and use, and various scraps of plastic and so forth would be easy to find to make windows... Some of the other stuff is hard to decide about. I think I'm going to have an Irori as the main hearth. An idea stolen from Mushishi. I mean, they're not really Japanese, these little bobs, but irori's are so nifty!

Watch the opening bit to a Mushishi episode. I'm not kidding when I say it's one of my favorite series ever. If you love tea, a bit of the supernatural, and ambiguous moral stories, this is a peaceful series for you. Animated. Ally Kerr is a great singer too, and his song is what is playing for the opening.


MaMa said...

What about using evergreen Magnolia for instance... as flooring...they can be found on the ground and are very sturdy..even though they are not flat you could kind of decoupage them...

just a thot..

I love Pippi!
He/She looks excited to see the progress!

Rosemoo said...

Maybe. I'm starting to think maybe playing cards are gonna be it. They have neat designs that would make a great floor....

Jeane said...

Hi Rosemoo - what a fun place you have here! you popped up on my blog this morning and I just wanted to stop by and say Hi and thanks for your kind comment!